We have all made some wrong decisions in life regarding love, money, or lifestyle choices. However, the impact of the decision can be more drastic, such as the decision to commit crimes. It is important to keep in mind that people do not usually commit crimes on a whim. This decision is often the last resort for the person who makes it since they see no other option to advance in society and make a livable wage.Society has made it hard for them to advance beyond their current socioeconomic level; in order to prevent people from making the decision to commit crime, society must give them an alternative.

Society must first recognize those that are most at risk of making the decision to commit crime in order to help. Studies have shown that the most at risks are people that have low-income, lower education levels, or bad socioeconomic background. People in these situations work hard to provide for their families and often work multiple jobs to do so. The stress they are under to provide can cause them to look for any way to help, which in some cases can lead to the wrong path. Criminal activities have a higher payout than working multiple minimum wage jobs so somepeople feel compelled to commit crimes to be more financially stable. They hope that the money they get from these activities will help their children have a better future. Therefore, society needs to step up and provide an alternative to break the chain of criminal activities committed just to support a family in need.

Society can provide an alternative to crime by making minimum wage high enough to live off and having programs to help lower socioeconomic groups. Once minimum wage is high enough for a small family to survive off, then people will no longer feel pressured to make the decision of committing a crime. These families will make enough money to save up to send their children to college and get higher paying occupations. Then those children will have enough to have a family and send their children to college to do the same. This creates a prosperous cycle that breaks the chain of criminal activities that previous individuals had chosen in order to provide for their family. Society can also help people make the right decision by removing obstacles that often hinder certain groups from succeeding, such as racism and prejudice. Educating ourselves is the best way to remove any ignorant stereotypes and prejudice from our society; thus, allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity.

In conclusion, society needs to help groups that cannot advance to higher levels of education so they can become eligible for higher paying occupations. We can help by calling onto our government to raise minimum wage to an amount that a small family can live on and have enough to save for the future. Once low-income groups are more financially stable, they will have better access to higher education for themselves and their families. It is society’s responsibility to provide options so no one can make a wrong choice.

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