A majority of consumers are now going online to search for products and services. This goes to show how important it is for businesses to stay visible online. With the stiff competition in the global market, one of the many ways to stay on top is through business directory listing.

Business Directories Matter

Having a listing in different business directories as possible helps you:

  1. Reach Wider Audience – Business Directory Listings increase your chances to be discovered by potential customers
  2. Dramatic Boost in Search Rankings – It is important to have the correct and consistent information listed in your directory. Providing the most accurate and relevant information optimizes your local search engine optimization ranking.
  3. Credibility - Business Directory Listings add value and credibility to your brand, products and services
  4. Boost Sales – People looking for places to dine, shop and to purchase services often take a look at the content on local directory sites to see what other users have to say in the comments and ratings of a certain business. Thus, business listing is a good marketing strategy

The Place for Business Directory Listing

Gone are the days of concentrating on yellow pages or phone directories for business listings. Check out these places for business directories which will help you establish your brand and products online:

Google My Business

Google is no doubt the dominating search engine worldwide. So without a doubt Google My Business is the best place for your business directory needs. It is free and the process of registration is not at all complicated. It is consistently ahead in online searches so you will have bigger visibility among target consumers.


Bing Places for Business is a Microsoft product. Like Google, it is also one of the most trusted site for listings. It is free and easy to use.


Yelp’s business directory listing offers free tools to manage listings, including the ability to respond to reviews, create special offers, upload photos and review business trends


Facebook is free and the exponentially growing FB users is enough reason to consider it in business listing.


Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform for photo and video sharing. It is also now a good place for listing given its growing number of users.


Yahoo Local Listing drives millions of searches daily like Google. Although it is no longer as popular as before, it is still a good market strategy supplement.


TripAdvisor is considered the world’s biggest travel site. It is one of the best options for business related to travel, hospitality, entertainment industries and the likes.


Whitepages contain the largest directory database of contact information among US and Canada. It is one of the most heavily referenced pages among consumers.

Business Listings helps businesses in a number of ways. In this internet of things era, getting online visibility is the key driver to thrive in the global market. So if you want to build audience and boost your online presence, start by getting your business a directory listing.

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