Every day we hear more and more about violent crimes committed in our community. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is “how could anyone do such a thing?”. Despite how it seems, no one commits violent crimes without some sort of motivation or instigation. The people who commit violent crimes are usually lead to these crimes due complex factors usually caused by a traumatic childhood, their development, or environment.

We all know that violent criminal behavior is not linked to genes but rather violent behaviors are learned from violent parents. Research has shown that negative family factors can influence children to take on violent behaviors.Negative family factors such as poor parenting, size of family, abuse, antisocial guardians, and family conflict are some factor shared by people who commit crimes. Studies have shown that people who have committed a violent crime and have experience some type of negative family factors growing up, are more likely to become a repeat offender. Despite being a common factor, a negative family influence does not usually cause a person to commit violent crimes. Ordinarily, there are more factor in play when a violent crime is committed.

Mental illness and peer pressure may also play a role in influencing a person to commit a crime. More than half the population of prisoners in United States prisons and jails have some type of mental illness. There is a strong correlation between crime and mental illness but there the cause-and-effect relationship has not been proven. The same can be said for peer pressure; children may be influenced to perform negative behavior if motivated by their peers. Studies have shown that peer pressure is one factor that can influence people to commit violent crimes. However, not everyone usually falls victim to the influence of their peers so it is still a debatable factor mush like mental illness.

The environment a person developments can also play a part in the violent crimes they commit. The levels of income, education levels, and occupations have the strongest influence on whether a person commits a violent crime. Children from low-income families are more likely to be charged with crimes by the age of 24 than children from middle and high-income families. A census of the Unites States prison population has shown that more than half do not have high school diplomas. Children that come from low-income families and feel unmotivated to continue their education are most at-risk of commit violent crimes in the future.

In conclusion, violent crimes are most likely performed by people due to various complex factors. People may be driven to commit violent crimes due their socioeconomic backgrounds or negative family influences.There is no one reason that people commit such violent or heinous crimes. People who come from these negative backgrounds and can still develop into productive members of society. Very much like people who come from very supportive families with high-income can commit violent crimes. Overall, the reasons given can have some influence on a person to commit a violent crime but the answer is not definite.

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