The inspirational book by Simon Sinek ‘’Start with Why’’ is a good place to start when exploring what drives you as an entrepreneur. Without a Why you do not have a purpose, so find your why and you will find your purpose and what drives you. From an outside view many would simply believe it was money that drives them, although that can be an end goal, it is not necessarily why. Here are some of the things that drive entrepreneurs.

Solving Problems

Some entrepreneurs are driven by the will to solve problems, this can be through inventing  useful product or app that solves a problem for people, or can also be to help solve a client's problem, a life coach may be good at helping to solve the problems of others and find this drives them to improve. Where many people see problems, entrepreneurs see solutions and this is an element of what sets them apart from others.


Some entrepreneurs are driven by the freedom that comes with choosing your own hours, workplace and even location. A lot of internet marketing entrepreneurs will speak of the benefits of the lifestyle that can be enjoyed by working for yourself, many of them from the comfort of their laptop.You also choose the pace of which you work with this type of life. You can do as much work as the day will allow you but then do the bare minimum the next day to enjoy a day away from work.


Yes this does come into it for some, also linked to power a large proportion of the world's richest individuals are entrepreneurs Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to name a few are just some of the world billionaires who obtained their status through being self-made entrepreneurs


A lot of entrepreneurs do what they do because they love it! Many work in interesting industries or are doing fulfilling work such as coaching others which gives a lot of personal satisfaction in return. They can love their work for different reasons such as they find it challenging, engaging or just plain interesting. A lot of entrepreneurs have life lessons and unfulfilling previous careers to compare them to. In short, most entrepreneurs love what they do.

Social Responsibility

A lot of entrepreneurs just want to make the world a better place. A lot of inventors will have a reason in mind for how they want to improve the world. Look at what Steve Jobs was driven by? He wanted to create amazing products that made the world a better place when he left it. This can also be true for those who want to earn more to give more back.

So an entrepreneur is different from many others in that there are many things that drive them and not just wealth. They choose a career based on not only their talents, but on things that inspire them and give them a drive that not everyone has. Not only this but they use this drive to give more back to others as well as invest in their self-improvement. They are motivated to get better in order to serve others better, a drive that benefits everyone.

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