Pets make great companions and can be real mood elevators. They are fun to have around and over time become a part of the family. No wonder then that so many people across the world have pets that have become an integral part of their lives.

Yes, the pet industry is growing and so is the pet services industry. Research studies indicate that even recession has not dampened the growth. In fact, average spending on pets and pet products in homes has only increased every year and is believed to be growing about “50 percent faster than the retail sector as a whole”. Pet businesses are thriving and pet services have spiraled upwards- in short, the all-round positivity that surrounds this industry is suggestive of an amazing growth story. It's no wonder that the pet industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

The fact that there are more than 300 million dogs in the United States reinforces the fact that the pet industry is in for some good times.

The basic reason for the success of this industry is that people love their pets and see them more than just dumb animals. Pets give unconditional love and imbue you with a sense of purpose. They need you just as much as you need them- they are good listeners and they are intuitive to your emotions. The kind of interaction that exists between an individual and their pets is unique and the bond they have is beyond words. Puppies and kittens have known to steal many hearts with their adorable traits and this has increasingly encouraged the adoption of strays and buying of puppies. This is where Local pet classified sites can be of great help, especially if you don't know how to go about buying a pet.

Some couples that don't have offspring of their own treat pets as their children. They give them the love and affection that they would have given their kids. In fact, this concept of 'Pet Parenting' has caught on fast and according to Acosta, a sales and marketing firm, “Ninety-four percent of pet owners indicate their pet is part of the family; 80 percent report they treat their pets like their children.” In case couples do need a pet, our online classified website gives them an opportunity to buy their pets online without any trouble.

Many retail stores help rescue animals and provide shelter for them. They participate in programs that lead to their adoption and this has added further strength to the pet industry. By collaborating with such stores, the pet industry is taking another step towards totality. Finding homes for these rescued animals, providing health services and more makes the industry more important than ever before.

Pet welfare constitutes an important part of the pet industry and is gaining greater significance. In fact, animal welfare groups are always helping animals that have no homes get shelter and treatment when they are sick. With the words eco-friendly doing the rounds, shelves in super markets are lined with pet products that are good for the environment. Veterinary hospitals and health centers to look after injured pets are on the rise and pet owners get checks and tests done to ensure their pet's wellbeing. A 2015 study by a Washington-based research group shows that pet ownership “saves more than $11.7 billion annually in health care costs.”

Spending on pets' welfare has constantly risen every year according to research studies and pet owners are becoming choosy when it comes to choice of pet vendors. Packaged Facts notes that “consumers increasingly choose their pet vendors based on the role they play in pet welfare and rescue, with the percentage rising from 33 percent in 2014 to nearly 44 percent in 2016.19”.

With pets becoming more and more a part of the family, pet owners are reluctant to leave it to fend for itself when they are at work or out of town. This is where pet services can be of use- caretakers can walk the dog, feed it and look after it in general till the owner returns. Many websites offer such services and we are determined not to be left behind. Our online services can alleviate the stress and strain of looking after pets in your absence.

Apart from being great companions, pets have been known to benefit humans in many ways. They have been known to lower stress and blood pressure and service dogs are used to help impaired individuals lead a more independent life. Dog therapy has apparently made many people happier and calmer. Perhaps the most impactful influence that dogs have had are on war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a psychological condition that is caused after being witness to traumatic events or during recovery from a serious injury. Matching these individuals with a therapy dog appears to have some beneficial results.

Sometimes it's hard for pet owners to reconcile themselves to the loss of a pet. They require counseling and support to emerge from this colossal loss. There are online forums and support groups that can help them recover.

Pet owners are not going to be around forever and they want to make sure that if something happens to them, there will be somebody to take care of their pets. Free home life services see to it that pets are given loving homes even after their owners' death. Pet owners need to make a provision in their will for that to happen.

There are many online services that deal with sale and purchase of dogs- sellers upload pictures and description of puppies that they want to sell and buyers have a wide variety to choose from. Sale through the Internet is now very common and our online classified website is now offering this facility. If you want to share or sell your pet, we'll take care of it for you.

Animals are amazing creatures and as pets they are awesome. So if you do want to buy a puppy or a kitten, do contact us. Remember though, you need to look after them well so that they feel loved and needed. We'll teach you how- get in touch with us at our local pet classified website.

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