Finding the best magazines or newsletters to place classified ads is usually a daunting task. So far, the best alternative to run adverts is in those places your potential customers are interested with.

Some cases can be in small or narrow markets, subject specific Newsletters that people would always subscribe to for deep knowledge and information about your business. Indeed newsletters are read cover -to -cover. 

From observation, it has shown that people who subscribe to this type of newsletter publications receive a high value of information, read them thoroughly and act on the classified ads found in them.

Finding the narrow market news letters is simply like going on for a treasure hunt because they are often difficult to find. However, there are easy ways to get or find these publications by simply going through the web or your local library and browse through the various classifieds to see platforms offering these newsletters options.

While in your local library or browser, you can decide to see the publication directories which can have up to 50, 000 listings of classified ads with newsletter options that you might want to consider running your ads in.

The option to utilize the internet power (i.e through search engines) to locate platforms with the newsletter features specific to your type of market is available for you. It will worth your effort to find as many classified websites with newsletter features in order to run your ads and gain effective sales.

However, before choosing or deciding on the publication to go with, I wisely advise to test your ads first. There is need to test ads which is more like finding combination to combination lock to get all the numbers right and open a treasure chest.

This is the most important thing in mail order advertising as this will perhaps determine if your product will sell and also know the best price to use.

You will equally discover certain ads which do not draw positive responses as compare to another. Non-effective ads on classifieds may seem not to pull any customers at all and when this happens, find a way to know what is working and make changings with the ideas that are really working. Try several ads, offers and publications at the same time to see the effectiveness which determines what’s working.

Don’t be in a haste to drop a publication as it takes about two to three months to get the right responses. This will enable you to test the type of inquiry and response package from prospective customers. After you have a good customer list, there is also need to test the frequency and number of times to continue mailing. Don’t feel discouraged because testing is the name of the game. All you need is perseverance. Try to find out what and why your ad works and use the knowledge to make you next ad better.

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