1 Keratinocyte Cells
Keratinocyte Cells are the most common skin cells, 90% of them are located on the out layer of...
1 Cell Proliferation
Cells are structural and functional unit of our body which control and maintain the function of...
1 Adult Stem Cells
Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells, found throughout the body after development that...
1 human tissue bank
Creative Bioarray is one of the most reliable providers with the highest quality tissue arrays...
1 cabr mouse probes

USD 1.00

Our mouse probes include both chromosome paint probe and chromosome point probe which contain 19...
1 Recombinant Mouse Noggin
Noggin belongs to a group of diffusible proteins which bind to ligands of the TGF-β family and...
1 Cell Line Authentication

USD 11,967.00

The human genome is full of repeated DNA sequences which come in various sizes and are...
1 human nervous cells

USD 1.00

The nervous system is responsible for sending, receiving and interpreting signals from all over...
1 epithelial cells

USD 1.00

Epithelial cells are arranged in tightly packed layers that line the surfaces and cavities of...
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