It is the summer which means that more people than ever will be travelling, whether it s for business or leisure it will be busy, the only other  time of the year which is comparably busy to travel is Thanksgiving/ Christmas. Travel and tourism in the US generates an estimated income of $2.3 trillion.

Therefore, with all travel options being particularly busy, you will need to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Tips whilst packing

Only pack what you will actually need, when packing the secret is think small. It may be tempting to pack those extra shoes or that book you have not quite decided if you are interested in but these thinks take up valuable space.

Bring a device that can connect to the internet, this may seem like a weird idea considering the high cost of data roaming. However, more and more places worldwide are offering wifi. This way you can stay connected, find vital information, and keep children/ teenagers entertained whilst on your travels. NOTE: be wary of accessing secure websites when using free wifi in public places, try to limit this to use in your hotel only.

Other handy things to pack -

  • ear plugs
  • noise cancelling headphones
  • kindle
  • pack of cards
  • batteries
  • sarong
  • first aid kit/ medication

Tips whilst travelling

Keep hydrated, it does not matter how you are travelling you need to make sure you stay hydrated. Ensure you have plenty of water to last everyone for you whole trip, consider extra in case of delays or emergency.

If you are considering using the local public transport, make sure you ask about prices before you travel to avoid any nasty surprises.

Always purchase travel insurance before you travel, you need to make sure you are covered for any emergency that could arise as not having adequate insurance can cost you your savings.

Be organised and give yourself plenty of time, and keep photocopies of all of your important documents, bank/ credit card details, and all of your insurance details.

Tips whilst at your destination

If you are not familiar with the local area, then get a guide, however do not leave the guide somewhere visible and if you need it be discreet.

Meet the locals; they will know the places to visit and the places to avoid. Most countries know basic English; however, it never hurts to learn basic phases in the native language such as please, thank you, and sorry.

Take many pictures, try the local food, keep an open mind, be flexible, and be patient.

Travel technology

You can get an app for absolutely everything and travel is no exception, whether it is an app, you book your trip or an app to give you information about the local area. Therefore, what are the must have apps to have?

  • Hipmunk - available on Android and IOS, this app allows you to book your trip as well as giving you important travel and destination information
  • Waze - available on Android and IOS, this app gives you important travel information for use when travelling by car including traffic alerts and the nearest gas station
  • Skyscanner - available on Android and IOS, this free app gives you the best deals available when booking flights
  • Hopper - available on Android and IOS, this free app predicts future airline prices giving you an idea of when and the best time to book your flights
  • TripIt - available on Android and IOS , this free app takes details of your travel plans and creates a convenient itinerary which you can view online or on your phone
  • Glympse - available on Android and IOS, if you are travelling as part of a group then Glympse can help, Glympse's tracking system ensures that nobody gets lost and if you are waiting for someone it can also give you an ETA of their arrival
  • PackPoint - available on Android and IOS, this free app helps make sure you pack all the essentials suitable for your trip depending on the type and nature of your trip
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