Vacations and bucket lists are a never-ending affair. Every year we mentally mark off areas on the globe that we absolutely must visit and then we end up settling for something more convenient or closer to home. But wanderlust is real and we must organize ourselves a little to bring us a few steps closer to that dream vacation. There are more than a handful of beauties to choose from but here are three top picks that you should definitely consider before setting out for your next adventure.

Seville, Spain
Spain has been pulling in the tourists for longer than we can think of, but the destination that has been projected at numero uno for 2018, is none of those party capitals of Barcelona or Ibiza but Seville, the capital of Southern Spain’s Andalusia region. Home to some remarkable cultural landmarks such as the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, that also boasts of the tomb of Christopher Columbus, Seville is a fascinating mix of history and culture. Also famed from here is the iconic flamenco and you can hop into flamenco clubs and enjoy an authentic experience of this traditional dance. A great destination to immerse oneself in European history, art and culture.

Kyoto, Japan
More than just the land of the rising sun, Japan is an experience in itself. Rooted in history, spirituality, culture and amazing gastronomy; Japan is a must visit for all travelers. While Tokyo is a good choice to experience the mayhem of urban, cosmopolitan Japan, it is Kyoto, which is the preferred choice to experience the heart of Japan. You can enjoy from the multitudinous Zen gardens, where you can experience a culmination of art, architecture, style and spirituality. Not to mention the numerous temples, starting with Steve Jobs’ meditation spot, Ryoanji temple or the famous tangerine colored Fushimi Inari Shrine that you have seen on countless pictures and movies, Kyoto gives you a wholesome experience of the mystical Japanese culture. There is also incredible food and a chance to catch live geisha shows on Gion, the popular street which becomes even more alive post sundown.

Patagonia, Chile
All of South America is breathtakingly beautiful but we pick Patagonia as the place to be this year. Its stunning landscape and hiking trails will give you ample time to reflect and be one with nature. Venture out to Torres del Paine National Park and experience the sky-high mountains, clear glaciers and territorial wildlife.  You must also cruise down Cape Horn, known for its brutally strong wind and glaciers, fringing along the strait between the Antarctic and South America. And if you’re a fan of happy feet, head to Isla Magdalena for your share of penguin watching in their natural habitat. The coastal town of Puerto Natales offers a glimpse into history, with the city’s Municipal Historical Museum exhibiting pieces of indigenous lives. The Mylodon Cave a little further from the city could also be an exciting day trip to wholly experience this vastly rich region.

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