Traveling is an experience that energizes and refreshes you, to lead a happy and satisfied life. But, other than enjoying the exquisite beauty of the destination, it is important to be a responsible citizen in a new country too. Here are a few things which one should not indulge in while traveling to a new destination.

  1. Take care of the wildlife - Posing for a selfie with the wildlife might seem cool, but teasing them or giving them food that is consumed by humans, might land you in trouble. Animals are unpredictable creatures, feeding the animals might make them act erratically, which can be fatal to humans. Moreover, the food that humans eat might not be nutritious and healthy for an animal. Many states are pretty conscious about their wildlife and impose fines on people feeding wildlife.
  2. Don’t be judgmental on cultural values - While traveling to a new destination you will be exposed to altogether different culture and beliefs. There might be a situation where you might not like the political or cultural system present in the country. Butas a traveler, you must not display your opinion openly, as it might hurt the sentiment of locals and land you in deep problem. It is always good to share the thoughts back in your country with close friends and relatives.
  3. Know the customs beforehand - Every country has their own set of rules that people need to abide by. Some countries have stringent norms for women in terms of dressing like they need to cover their shoulders when moving out. In Buddhist dominated places, travelers are not supposed to touch anybody’s head as it is considered to a holy place. The western countries don’t approve of people yelling to call a waiter. Staying respectful of people and their customs is what is desired in any country.
  4. Get consent before capturing - With the social media updates carrying a major importance these days, and users capturing each and every moment in their cameras and uploading them while traveling. It is advisable that in a new destination, don’t indulge in random clicks without seeking permission from people. As it would not look decent and create a lot of misinterpretation and problem for the traveler. Since many countries don’t approve of women or children being clicked by outsiders.
  5. Be safe - Safety lies in one’s own hand, so while traveling don’t ignore your safety, as it might land you in trouble. For example, don’t indulge in night walks in an unknown country, even if it is considered safe; inquire well about the place you are staying; don’t ask many people for directions and much more.
  6. Get your money beforehand - Travelling requires cash and card to be in place. So, get your currency exchanged beforehand in the market rather than the airport. Asmoney exchange taking place in the last moment fetches you poor exchange rates.
  7. Use public transport - When traveling in a new country, travel by public transport as it will be economical and convenient. Hiring a cab often result in overcharging by the driver as they are always on the lookout to fool travelers.
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