Being overweight is no less than an offense that doctors worldwide have been warning against. The reason being the complications which arise due to excessive weight gain. The problems include fatal heart disease, diabetes, kidney damage, liver problems and much more. Losing weight is a task which takes too much of dedication and effort. Exercise turns out to be the best-advocated way to lose weight, but with ahectic lifestyle,there are not many people who undertake it seriously. So, what can be the alternative solution to losing weight?

The following of the Ketogenic diet is the new revolutionary idea behind losing weight. The keto diet comprises of low carbohydrate, high-fat diet, which is loaded with plenty of health benefits. The strategy involves lowering the intake of carbohydrate and replacing it by means of fat. The lowering of the carbohydrates puts the body in a metabolic state known as ketosis. When the stage of Ketosis is achieved it leads the body to become fit at burning fat for energy production. In the liver, the process turns fat into Ketones, which lead to the supply of energy to the brain.

There are numerous advantages of a Ketogenic diet which includes reduced body weight. The Keto diet uses the fat of the body to generate energy which leads to the reduction of weight. Even the insulin or blood glucose level drops in the body, due to low carbohydrate intake. This makes the body burn fat faster leading to lower body weight. The ketogenic diet proves a great method to even control diabetes especially type II diabetes, as the low carb, high-fat food leads to the lowering of sugar levels in the body. Moreover, the diet has also proven effective in treating cancer and lowering tumor growth. Even diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, epilepsy, polycystic ovary syndrome, brain injuries, heart troubles and acne can be controlled by following the diet plan. This means that the Ketogenic diet can treat neurological, metabolic and even insulin-related problems.

The foods that is restricted as part of the diet plan includes sugary foods like fruit juices, soda, bakery items, candies and more, wheat-based products including rice and pasta , all fruit except berries, root vegetables like potatoes, carrots; ketchups, alcohol, mayonnaise, beans and legumes, sugar free diet products and more. Basically, all food that is rich in carbohydrates should be avoided.

The foods that can be included in the diet consist of different varieties of meat like red meat, ham, chicken, turkey and more. The fatty fishes like salmon and tune can also be included. Eggs, nuts, cheese, avocados, condiments, low-carb vegetables like tomatoes, onion, butter,and cream can be chosen as part of the diet. This means that you don’t need to have tasteless food to reduce weight. It’s just that you need to include healthy ingredients as part of your diet. Moreover, if you experience any side effect due to the diet that even can be counteracted by making minor changes to the diet and adding a mineral supplement to the diet.

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