A convict is a person who commits any crime and experiences a sentenced in prison. If we find out the slang word for this, then it is called a con. The con is the slang word that also uses when to talk about convict people. Now if we talk about ex-con that means a person who completed their sentence in prison and now he is free from prison. That person is called ex-convict person or in short ex-con.

Here we are going to highlight some pinpoints that will help you to more understand about this term and help you to find out the impact of being a convict on throughout life.

The Impact Of Being Ex-Con On Life:

Following are the important points to know more about ex-con and the imprints that leave this term in your life;

Less Employment Opportunities

For the people who face and experience this bitter truth of life that is being ex-con creates many problems. These problems lead you to the point in your career where you feel despair behavior from everyone. People who are ex-con find less employment opportunities and difficulty in finding their job. Most of the times they find those jobs that are not according to their taste and skills. So they face problem to earn their living after the pass of this shock stage of their life.

Social Problems

A man who is ex-con feels hard to make friends. People hesitate and not feel okay sitting with them. Their social circle is very small, and sometimes there is no social circle of these people. They become introvert day by day and feel more enjoyable in their own company. Society is not ready to accept them and give them very less opportunities to meet with others. They are reluctant to visit any place that crowds with people. They don’t want to meet with people and not comfortable with the presence of them.   

Trust Issues

Ex-con faces another problem that is trust issues. No one is ready to listen to them and trust them. People are not ready to borrow them anything that is the base of trust. They successfully ruin the trust of others, so this time no one is ready to take another chance. Their promises have no importance and no worth. They make their personality vulnerable to some extent. It might be possible some of their loyal friends still ready to trust them and ready to help them.  

Rebel Behavior

When they release from the prisoner, they become a new person. Now the person is may be of two type. The first type is the person who is more obedient and ready to learn from their mistakes. And the second type is the person who rebels in his personality. A rebel person is very dangerous for the society it creates a problematic situation for others. A rebel person is the problem creator rather than the problem solver.

So these are some highlighted points about the ex-con person and the impact of ex-con on a person’s life.

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