We all know that laws exist for a reason, like maintaining order or for the safety of the public. Without laws, society as we know it would not exist and there would be chaos from the lack of social contract in existence.Therefore, the role of the justice system is clear; the justice system exists to enforce laws and correct those that break it.

Law enforcement is put in the hands of officers within communities so that every citizen does not need to protect themselves. Without officers, it would be up to each individual citizen to maintain laws which can put them in danger and generate confusion based on differences in law interpretations.

Officers have special training in dealing with law breakers and the dangerous situations they often create. They are trained on how to handle dangerous situations so that the safety of the surrounding citizens is not compromised. Officers also train in specific law interpretations and are taught not to take personal bias with them while on duty. It is also up to officers to weed out peers that abuse their power andenforce the law through their personal bias.

It is the responsibility of officers to know who among them are tainting their force. Overall, the goal of officers is to enforce laws without bias and to arrest those that are under suspicion of committing a crime.

When a person is accused of a crime, they are often put before a court so that their innocence can be proven. The court is made up of the accused’s peer, in that the jury is a group of citizens that were called upon randomly and interviewed for their specific case. The jury will decide whether or not the accused is innocent by being presented evidence of the case. If the accused is not innocent, then the judge of the court will designate their consequence.

After their sentence has been served, offenders will be released to rejoin society. They will often be assigned parole officers that will give them specific guidelines on what they can and cannot due until a certain time sentenced by a judge. The guidelines are given so that the ex-offender can be monitored more closely and to help them adjust their return to society.  

Ex-offenders are also put into rehabilitation programs that help them become employed and find a stable home. These programs decrease the chances of the ex-offender of committing a crime and returning to prison.

Overall, the justice system plays a role in maintaining peace in the community by using law enforcement and correction. Officers are trained to enforce laws in the way they were intended to be enforced and to bring those that break the law to justice.

When the offenders are arrested, they are brought before a court so that their innocence, guilt, or consequence can be decided by a jury and judge. Then the justice system is responsible for helping the ex-offenders return to the community and become productive member of society.

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