A country’s growth is identified by the contribution of service sector in its economy. But, what is service sector? Service sector is the one which produces services, intangible products and not goods. It includes many services like transportation and warehousing, waste management, technical, health care, information sector services and many more.

It is believed by the economists that the economies which are centered on the service sector are much more advanced than the industrial or agricultural ones. For example, approximately two-thirds of the US economic activity happens in the service sector. This analysis is the metric for the overall economic health of a country. There are many jobs in this sector like nursing, teaching, housekeeping and many more.

It is very interesting to see the growth of service sector in the past few decades. This has majorly happened because of introduction of more and more technology at work place. This has reduced the cost for the companies a lot by reducing the number of employees, hence the salary too.           It also leads to an increase in production, speed and efficiency. Finally, it results in yielding higher income revenue streams.

The question, however, that pops up is how has the service sector developed so much in such a less time? Well, again thanks to technology in the form of advertisements. While, the ads were posted in the age old means like newspapers and televisions too. There has been a significant increase in the popularity of Classified advertisements. This form of advertisement was particularly used in newspapers. But, with the world becoming more dependent on internet, these ads have also been started online. The websites like Angels Ad have such classified ads which offer a lot of advantages to the services sector like:

  • A drastic increase in the sales of their services.
  • It helps make and maintain healthy relationships with their existing and new customers.
  • It is, in most of the cases, absolutely free.
  • It is time, energy and money saving for the company as well as the customers.
  • These advertisements can be made more lively and interesting by adding videos or testimonials.
  • It has a wider approach. Since it is available on internet, millions of people can view the ads. This not only helps in increasing the sales but may also lead to business expansions in few cases.
  • It assures better quality service and professionals who are experienced in their work.
  • It works out as the best and the cheapest option for the new start-ups. It offers small advertising budget. It is also a good opportunity to promote your business through these ads.
  • It is visible to people of all the age groups.
  • It is very easy to edit, remove or add the advertisement by the company without any hassles of calling the publication.
  • It is easier to target a particular or niche market.
  • Another advantage is that there is less competition in such ads. Thus, it gets more attention to your ad and your services.

Classified ads can be used for promoting the business and even for selling your services. It can also be used as a place for posting jobs. The companies can post vacancies with a detailed description of what kind of candidate they are looking for. Since it caters to a huge audience, it becomes really easy to get the suitable candidate. Angels Ad is an online classified website which can serve all the above mentioned purposes for any type of service sector industry. The main attraction is that these sites are absolutely free of cost. They allow the companies to post as many times as they can. Moreover, most of these companies have filters for spam which can be easily operated by the users.

Additionally, the classified websites offer a wide range of other services too. Few websites like Angels Ad allow the users to even have an inner-link in the ad which connects the customer directly to the company or their website. Classifieds can be used by either companies or even for professional services. Professional services are the occupations in service sector which need special training in art or science fields. To name a few occupations, they can be doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers. Such professions need special training as well as professional licenses.

Classified websites also have ads for the jobs of these professional services. There are teaching jobs ads, engineers’ jobs, IT consultants’ jobs, nurse, surgeons, financial planners and many more on websites like Angels Ad. Such websites not only allow them to post jobs but also let them have links that can directly connect them to their websites. Few professionals offer their expert services to their customers online as well. Few professional services that are available on the classified websites are as follows:

  • Architect
  • Dentist
  • Surgeon
  • Nurse
  • Pediatrician
  • Gynecologist
  • Training and development
  • Lawyer
  • Chartered accountant
  • Evaluator
  • Financial planner
  • Investment manager
  • IT consultant
  • Engineer

These professional services can either be in partnerships, sole proprietorships or even companies. An individual who provides these services can be called as a consultant. So, classifieds can be used by everyone to post job offers, promote their products or services and even provide services in order to build their customers’ base that are loyal to them as well.

Classifieds are, thus, an extremely useful technology being used by everyone these days. When service industries and classifieds come together, they can do wonders. They can lead to a massive growth of a country’s economy as well. It’s rightly said- an individual’s growth can take the country to another level of development. It is analyzed that service sector has contributed around 80% to the US economy. It is one of the major contributions in the economic growth and development of any country.

Classifieds have been a boon for several industries and job seekers as well. Looking for promoting your services? You can make a user id on any of the several classified websites like Angels Ad.

Time to save money yet build your business!!

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