Traditionally, fundraising has been done by people visiting homes, meeting and asking donations at the doorstep or on the streets. With the advent of the internet, fundraising has been taken to the online platform.

Different kinds of fundraising

  1. Digital or online is a new and upcoming way of raising funds. It requires marketing in order to inform the donors how to use and where to go for donating. When used along with other fundraising strategies, the online method can prove useful because of its large scope and ease of operation. Donations received in digital fundraising can come through any of the below channels:
  2. Special Events may raise less money but it adds other values. It is an event which publicises your organization and its non-profit mission, get new donors and reinforce the relationship with the existing donors. It requires time and planning and a lot of efforts for execution.
  3. Planned Giving is a method of investing money such that the donor gets benefits during his life and then bestows the remaining fund to the non-profit.
  4. Phone-a-Thons and Telemarketing are done by well-trained volunteers to get funds from existing donors through a well-written script.
  5. Membership Campaigns is an effective way to collect huge funds in a short duration of time. It involves recruiting new members, who will in a sense of belonging, contribute more by ownership and involvement in an organization. Members would be expected to contribute more than just money, they may have to extend their expertise, influence and political support.
  6. Major gifts are a fundraising process of identifying potential donors, cultivating a strong relationship with them and then asking for gifts termed ‘major’, according to company size or standards.
  7. Grants are when money is contributed to individuals or organizations for a specific purpose or for operational activities of non-profit organizations. Grants are also sanctioned by the Government.
  8. Earned Income is when the sale of certain products, services or work performed, generates revenue for the non-profit.
  9. Direct Mail is a direct marketing technique to collect funds. One should have an understanding of direct marketing principles and practice to recruit new members, inform and upgrade the level of existing donor’s contribution.
  10. Corporate Support could be like the one done by a philanthropic donating to a non-profit organization or like the support extended by a company for mutual benefit. In any case, the fund that is raised is used to accomplish the non-profit organization’s mission.
  11. A Capital Fundraising is an effort by a non-profitable organization to raise a substantial amount of money in a time-bound period for a specific project. The project might be renovation or construction or acquisition of a building. Or it could be for future endowment or purchasing an expensive extraordinary equipment. Capital fundraising may go on for years together and require expert preparation and execution. Ways of execution include special gifts or personal solicitation and direct mail.
    • Website of the organization
    • Donations through mobile
    • Email campaigns
    • Social media campaigns
    • Fundraising websites

There are many free fundraising websites available that can help you with online fundraising, one such being Angels Ad.

Free fundraising websites

Let us understand how free fundraising websites work and why are they gaining popularity in the recent times. Traditional fundraising techniques are time-consuming and expensive as compared to online fundraising which is quick and easy. Fundraising websites provide a free platform for appealing and receiving donations. Fundraising websites are handled by a professional service. This assures donors that their money is being handled by professionals and going into experienced hands.

Getting viral on the internet is a trend these days and this option is available with the free fundraising websites too. Getting a fundraiser viral on the internet gives the purpose a lot of exposure and is sure to pour in more donations as compared to the traditional fundraising techniques. Setting a deadline to an online fundraiser reinstates a sense of urgency and motivates both the donor and the fundraising team to get as many funds as possible to carry out the purpose intended.

How to go about it?

One can set up a fundraiser by signing up for free on Angels Ad. You need to fill in few details after which you will be routed to a page. Fill the page with details required to set up the fundraiser. You can fill up the story, add pictures and upload videos. Options are available to share your story and the fundraiser details online. These options will spread the word and with the help of social media, reach would be far and wide.

Online payments will make it faster for donations to reach you quickly enabling you to extend help to the needy speedily. With so many people on the internet these days, connecting through mobile, donations will pour in from all corners of the world. If your story and cause raises concern and strikes a chord with the crowd, there is no looking back. People will support you and the cause with whatever resources they have.

It is essential that after setting a free fundraiser with our website Angels Ad, you maintain a healthy relationship with the donors. Immediate feedbacks, answering doubts, thanking notes and if possible, pictures or proofs of how the money is getting utilized will go a mile in guaranteeing the donor that his money has fallen into safe hands. It will also help in authenticating and persuading new donors to contribute. It is also vital that data is encrypted and kept confidential. Users appreciate the fact that their financial information is kept safe.

Online fundraising has more potential than it is credited for. Online fundraising accounted for 7% of the total 2016 fundraising. So, get to work quickly and use technology to the fullest to achieve your goals. Make a striking fundraiser page and grab donor’s attention. Put forth a captivating story or picture to compel the reader to hit the ‘donate’ button and make your fundraiser successful.

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