Many people wonder why some people eat so much but still look skinny. Why is it that there are some who exercise, do “dieting” but still struggle to lose few pounds, yet there are some who can lead a seemingly sedentary life with full three meals yet do not put extra weight. These questions haunt many who are in a constant struggle with their weight issues. Finally, science has offered some answers to these perplexing questions.

There are mainly two reasons why some people who seem to eat more, weigh less.

Metabolism rate

Metabolism rate is the rate at which our bodies convert food to energy. The body keeps working on this conversion even when we rest or sleep. This is called the resting metabolism rate. Some people have higher metabolism rates while some people have lower rates. This means that even when two people eat equal quantity of food, one person might be able to burn food at a faster rate than the other because of his/her higher metabolism rate. This also means that because of higher metabolism rate a person would require more food to maintain his/her weight. Hence such people would tend to eat more food. They are able to eat more than others while maintaining their weight. The metabolism rate is governed by many factors one of them being genetics. Whether this rate can be changed is debatable.

It has been established that eating less food will not help with weight loss. In fact trying to reduce weight by eating less has the opposite effect on the body. With less food intake the body automatically slows down the resting metabolism rate. Hence, after losing some weight if a person tries to go back to his normal diet than he starts putting back weight at a faster rate than before. This is because of his/her slowed metabolism rate.

Eating low energy dense food

It is important to notice that people who are eating a lot are actually eating which type of food. Here “what” is more important than “how much”. If a person is eating low energy dense food than the quantity will not have an impact on his/her weight. Low energy dense foods are those that have high water content in them. They would include fruits, vegetables, yogurt, soups and skimmed milk and so on. High energy dense foods are butter, biscuits, cheese etc. So if you look quantity or weight wise, in order to get same amount of calorie that eating 1 butter cookie gives, you’ll have to eat nearly 8/9 apples! To a casual observer it would look as if the person is gorging on apples. By eating so many apples he would certainly feel full. But will one cookie be sufficient to satisfy a person’s hunger. No. So even if the apple eating person is eating large quantity of food he is not gaining weight.

Hence the best way would be to eat good quantity of the right type of food. This way not only will you have more food on your plate but will feel fuller too without having to worry about weight gain.

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