Every year many students graduated from the prestigious institutions and chasing the aim of getting their dream job. When they step in the market, they observe the trends of the market and find it hard to get their dream job. There are many reasons behind this problem, and here we are going to explore that particular reasons face by youth nowadays.

Let’s start to explore the problems of youth job seekers;

Problems of Youth Job Seekers     

Following are the reasons that young generation should be now when they plan to get their dream job;

Lack of Experience Issue

When youth apply for the particular job, what they feel is the lack of experience issue. HR department advertised the job in such a way that only the experience person can apply for this. So because of zero experience or no experience youth face higher unemployment level. High employment level further cause more depression and create other psychological problems for youth.

Lack of Skills

In educational institutions, we focus more and more on theoretical work and give less percentage to the practical work. So at the end of the session they only successful to learn more about theory as compared to the practical work. The effect of this system is negative on them when they come to the industry. We all know industry needs skillful people to work with it. So if you fail to get the specific skills from that specific job, then your chances of getting your dream job will also be less.

Temporary Job Structure

Temporary job structures are those types of jobs that hire young generation for a temporary purpose. These are called seasonal jobs in which youth do the job for the specific period of time, and when the tenure is over, they have to leave the job. In this way, they again become unemployed and again find the new job. In the seasonal job structure, we have internship or one-year short contract basis jobs.

Competition Level

When we apply for the job, what we face most of the time is the completion level.  The competition level is very high, and we feel panic and less confidence about our hiring. These things further cause a problem for us in a way we stop applying for that specific job. The result of this specific action creates more chaotic situation in the society and make it impossible for our economy to run smoothly.


Most of the country gives unemployment allowance to the people who fail to get jobs. In this way, youth depends on government allowance and do not apply for the job. This behavior creates more and more people not to do the jobs.

Their dependency level increases day by day that leads to the society towards the pathetic stage.

So these are some problems that we highlighted above that are causes of unemployment that is exist in youth job seekers.

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