The advent of the video games has been a boon to the entertainment industry no doubt. You have hundreds of sites like from which you can play games online. You can use the PC or laptop at home or a mobile phone to play these games online from

The is not the only site from where you can play video games. You have a games portal, armor games where you can play games related to different genres like adventure, puzzle, arcade, shooting, sports and so on just like you can play them on

The best part of these game sites like Ninja Kiwi, Miniclip and many more including  is that you can play all the games for free. Anytime you have some free time or you are getting bored then you can log in to any of the game sites like Kongregate, Newgrounds  and the like and play your favorite games. It is a good pastime for both young and old.

Some people do get addicted to these games and keep searching for new sites when they have a good game site like in front of them. This they do find some new kinds of games which they may not find on

Many a time they log in to the computer to search global business dictionary or a free blog site but end up logging into the games sites like Addicting Games or even

Of course, this is not a good habit but such is the attraction of playing online games that the sites like Yahoo Games, B Games or Candy Stand that they cannot resist themselves from playing a game or two on these sites. Unless they log in to the game sites like Zynga or Totaljerkface, or some other game site they do not get peace.

It is important to search a job for the jobless. They start with searching teaching job ads or teaching jobs for teenagers. After they search these jobs and do apply to a few teaching jobs from these sites they will not log off until they play a game or two on or some other sites like Deadwhale or

Now they have to wait for their application to get approved and get a job offer from the recruiters. Until then they are free so the only pastime is to play games online from different sites or search new sites to play new games. This search will not go in vain as they land up on new sites like Liksang or Zapak. If they do not find any game interesting they have their favorite site to play their old favorites.

If the job applications to these sites get no response the search for the job is going to continue. They need to find some more sites and one good site to find the jobs is the online classified website. Here not only teaching jobs but also other kinds of jobs may be advertised and you have a huge choice. You apply to a few for which you find yourself qualified.

This done again you crave for a game or two. You have nothing better to do then it is time to play some games on the site or keep searching for some other game site. Your search will take you to, Gamehouse, Games2win and more.

The internet is a place where you can do so much other than playing games. You have places to post jobs and you can also post car ads online. Also, you have free fundraising sites apart from the game site You also can view the home décor ads free and local pet classified on the internet.

So to get out of your addiction to games you can go through such sites. Yes, playing online games on the different sites listed above is a good pastime. In addition, playing games on the can help you learn something too.

You can play some puzzle games or skill games. Playing these games on can help you enhance your skills which will help you pass the test when you attend an interview for the jobs you have just applied.

Adventure games are good pastimes. Playing them sometimes on the above-said sites or you can boost your confidence. So playing games is not a bad habit at all. You should play them but in moderation.

The game sites girls go games, and other sites may have some games related to a few sports like baseball, basketball, cricket, soccer and other games played on a playground. Playing these games on you may be able to understand the rules a little better. Then you can also play these games a little better too.

If your interest is in playing soccer on the ground then try playing the virtual version at home on your pc or mobile phone. After a few days, you may see the changes in you when you play the game on the ground. If this is not something wonderful about online games then what is.

You have plenty of sites like Y8,, and so on apart from to play different kinds of games. You can choose one or two sites to play games of different genres from puzzles, sports-related games, adventure games, and platform games, fighting games, strategy games and so on you learn some kinds of skills and increase your knowledge about different subjects and about life lessons through playing these games.

So you can infer that playing games is after all not that bad. So logging into game sites like Fog, Willinggames.Com, Games.Com, Nitrome, and so on is in a way learning some skills which you do not possess.

Yes, you may have some talents and playing games on the computer or mobile phone may help enhance them. So keep playing and such games but with some restraint. You will have to find some balance between work, play, and learning. This way you will enjoy the games as well as learn some skills too.

So you can say the online games are a boon as well as a bane. It is up to you to take them to your advantage to benefit from them. Happy gaming!

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