Doubting or not, book clubs and sales on classified will continue to thrive in the digital age. With the advent of classified sites and social media, traditional book club or sales has been given a digital update. Book enthusiasts are always embracing the online classified means to share, sell and talk about books they are reading or really wanted to dispose for an income.

Online classified plays a host to book sale activities that pave the way for online interaction.

You can find out some media platforms that offers face to face online book club or sale experience through the internet.

When people think about selling books or joining clubs, they picture intimate gatherings in the living room, offices, or libraries. You hardly find people imagining a book club as a collection of Fan arts and fan fiction. Thus the introduction of online classified system has given the book system a digital update and advancement.

Through this ways, they get to discover books as lot of people would love to share, sell and discuss about their books. This precisely can be termed as a conversation through digital ways.

People usually log online not only to search for ebook, but also to network with millions of readers, authors and post reviews or participate in discussions on book forums. Online classified site has offered an immense opportunity to enable readers the communication from all over the world.

Below you can find the list and features of some Online book networking and communication platforms;

Goodreads: Has over 200 million book titles listed. It’s the world’s largest free book online networking platform. The platform is powered by the popular amazon company and allows readers to add books to their online selves for current and future reads. You can as well rate or review books, see what others are reading and also participate on discussions to get suggestions for further choices form other readers. On Goodreads, readers can post book signing schedules, conduct interviews, share excerpts, upload their book releases and distribute giveaways. You can find Goodreads’s presence on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Bookish: As the name sounds, is a book classified site that connects reader with books, live authors, as well giving information update on the upcoming books and recommendations. Similar to the Good read, Bookish allows readers choose from excess book titles and genres.

Since its launch in Febuary 2013 Bookish has been up and doing in introducing readers to debut titles, up-coming authors and genres they never thought of reading. Readers can add books to their user created online shelves, participate in discussions, rate and review books.

Like other book classifieds sites, Bookish functions as an electronic commerce site where users can sell, purchase ebooks, print books and audio books.

ChatEbooks: Is an online market place for buying and selling of ebooks. It leverages the power of global classifieds to help authors sell. It also enables readers engage and connect with others globally. Readers can actually provide feedbacks directly from the author after detailed reviews with an author responding in kind.

Angels ad Ebook: Popularly known for classified goods listing platform, it recently integrated the book distribution and reading facility to help the over 900 million internet readers find ebooks and favorite author’s book at a minimum price of $ 0.5. Readers have found the platform interacting, depicting it as a passionate and diverse online community for readers. One good advantages of the platform is that it provides the leverage to enable you sell your books to people who it might interest. The platform has an integrated online payment facility to enable you transact easily.

Book readers can use the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to market and host book club activities. These social media sites are known to always engage readers by inviting others to chat, post links, tweet about an event or authors tour, organize discussions between readers and authors.

With its numerous benefit, Online digital books will always continue to thrive in the digital age since lovers of the traditional book system are migrating and adapting to the online system to give them updates and notifications of the current book releases. Thus, promoting online book reading experience.

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