Classified advertising, one of the major sources of income for the newspapers, has found a new destination. And that is the World Wide Web (www) or the internet. The following figures speak for themselves:

  • More than 3 billion dollars have been invested in online classified advertising in the year 2014.
  • Number of users to use online classified advertising doubled in a 4 year span ranging from 2005 to 2009.
  • Daily one-tenth of internet users browse online classified websites like Angels Ad, ebayclassifieds, and others.

These numbers not only reflect the importance of online classified websites but the scope and potential of this form of advertising.

Traditionally, people were stuck with 2-3 mediums of advertisements. They were newspapers, radios and televisions. The main drawback of these mediums was their high costs. People starting small or medium scale business did not have much capital to invest in such mediums.  Another major problem was the lack of space. Especially, in newspapers the charges were on per line basis. In order to save on the advertisement costs people resorted to giving one liner ads which were not much helpful to the buyers. There was no way to send photos or images with the ad. Or if photos could be sent they were quite expensive.

With the advent of internet and the coming up of online classified websites like Angels Ad the problem of both the buyers and sellers has been solved. People can now write informative ads coupled with images and achieve a global presence, all by sitting at their homes. Buyers can now get information about used cars, apartment for sale, jobs or even dogs at a variety of advertising websites with detailed information.

Advantages for sellers

  • Advertising is free or low cost.
  • Provide results very fast.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Better reach and wider audience.

Advantages for buyers

  • Variety of categories that provide extensive search.
  • Need not go anywhere, but can browse the ads while sitting at home.
  • Area wise search a major advantage.

How classified advertising works

There are websites like Angels Ad, craigslist, gumtree that have a global business directory that allows sellers to list their products and services for free. All you need to do is create a login account and get started. You can post ads for selling a car, apartment, pet or if you are looking for employees for your business you can post job ads as well. These websites are basically a one stop marketplace for finding apartments to pets. But buyers do not buy on the site, they use the information given on the website to arrange a meeting and then the buying or selling is done personally.

Business listings

The whole heap of advertisements is divided into structured categories. The categories could be like:

  • Automobiles

Anything related to buying or selling a car is listed here. People can place their car ads online and wait for prospective buyers to contact them. People who are in the business of car washes can get listed and this becomes a huge advantage for a person who is new to the city and is looking for a car wash nearby his area. Car repairs, car accessories are all provided at one place. Tutors who are running driving classes can also list here. Thus, from buying a car to learning how to drive it is all at the same place.

  • Homes - Looking to sell your apartment or you want to place a home décor ad for free, you can do all that at one place. Home renovation ads, locksmith service provider ads, plumber, electrician, gardener ads can be placed at one website.  Angels Ad website is a great place to get all you are looking for related to homes.
  • Health - Where can you find a good gym which is near your locality? Need a pharmacy that is open 24 hours. Doctors, nurses, hospitals, emergency services are all listed at one place and your time is not wasted in making calls and then getting numbers. You can get all you want related to health care at one click.
  • Pets - Pets are an integral part of a family setup. From being playful buddies to providing emotional comfort, pets are known to help children and elderly recoup better in certain illnesses. If you are looking to sell puppies or you are running a pet store you can post your ad and be assured that it will reach the target audience only. Veterinarians, dog walkers can list their services. Anyone looking for products and services related to pets can find it all at one place. Local pet classifieds are helpful for people looking to buy pets for their kids or family members.
  • Jobs - Websites like Angels Ad are great places to post jobs online. Whether you are looking for a helper at your bakery or looking for a tutor for your child you can place a job ad and you will see how fast you get responses. Be it general teaching job ads or for a target audience like teaching jobs for teenagers only, they can be posted with the assurance that they will reach their niche audience.
  • Food - If you are looking to advertise your home run catering business but do not have sufficient funds to it, then placing classified ads online for free is the best way to achieve this. Grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries near your place can be found quickly.

These are just some examples of the ways in which business listings are shown on the website in a structured manner. Websites like Angels Ad not only provide a common meeting ground for buyers and sellers they also direct you to free fundraising sites.

Hence, as you can see the possibilities are endless here. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a job seeker or an employer you can list your business or services for free on the website and wait for responses. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you have all you need to advertise your product or service. The best part is that there are no fees or registration costs involved. It is absolutely free. So go ahead, get a login account for yourself and start advertising your business and service. Reap the advantages of the technological advances in this era of globalisation. Be a part of this change and watch your business grow.

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