Technology has become an essential part of our lives today. Communication, businesses and even common daily tasks are made a lot easier through technology innovations. That said, it will be hard to imagine living without technology now.

Technology breakthroughs happen every now and then. What’s new today will easily become old tomorrow. The latest today will eventually be left out tomorrow. But it is crucial for you to find out about them now. Get a glimpse of what’s the new buzz in technology below:

Face-detecting Systems

China has developed a system that detects face to enable payment transactions and allow access to certain facilities. Face-detecting systems are now also used to track down criminals. Impressive isn’t it?

Self-driving cars and trucks

The race in vehicle developments is becoming highly competitive. Efforts to perfect self-driving cars are now accelerated. Lyft in particular is making a bold investment in creating self-driving car division with engineers collaborating to build self-driving systems. Cars and trucks without a human navigating behind wheels will soon barrel in roads and highways.

3D Computer Chip to Boost Processing Power

A new type of 3D computer chip is developed. This computer chip uses Nanotech. It works by combining two cutting-edge nanotechnologies that would greatly increase the speed and efficiency of computer processors. This breakthrough comes right in time when it is expected that computers are particularly dealing with ever increase in data and information amounts.

Atomic Fingerprinting

There is a new method developed by scientists which can stamp things with atomic fingerprints. It is an important innovation that will help everyone identify the authenticity of products. A study shows a considerable amount of revenue loss happen because of imitations and fake products dominating in the market today. Atomic fingerprinting would be an exciting answer to this dilemma.

Selfie Made Even Better with 360 Degree

Great news for the selfie addicts, a 360-degree selfie is developed through inexpensive cameras that make spherical image. This application has been made possible through innovations in technology that combines images from multiple lenses and multiple sensors

Smart Street Electric Avenue

In a quiet sidewalk of Bird Street, a neighborhood in London’s West End, interactive tiles were installed to convert a sidewalk stroll into energy. The tiles were designed as power transformers to harvest energy. Imagine energy harvesting in a sidewalk. This would be an essential and helpful invention to address the world’s exponentially growing energy needs.

The Gene Therapy Breakthrough

In the field of medicine, scientists have developed the answer to curing rare hereditary disorders through gene therapy. Advancements have been made to reverse the effect of these hereditary conditions. The world is now watching whether the same approach can be applied to cancers, heart diseases and various common death causing illnesses.

Technology greatly affects the economy, politics, educational system, health and medicines. It influences our culture and the quality of day to day living. Technology can either make or break the system. Learning them will definitely help keep you stay ahead and stand out.

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