In contemporary economy, where there is a paucity of white collar jobs, teenagers struggle to find their identity, understand their environment, and chart their course.

Priorities are difficult to establish and choices are not easy to make when confronted with the complexity, instability and ongoing change of contemporary life.

It is a conviction that entrepreneurship represents a paradigm that can significantly enhance the educational experience of students, while also better preparation of young teenage to deal with the world around them.

The focus here is on the entrepreneurial mindset, or the ability for students to think and act in more creative, innovative, opportunistic and proactive ways.

The philosophy of the entrepreneurial programme in Tertiary Schools is essential to build students on the right path to create job opportunities after school.

The view of this philosophy is to gradually build school students to gain exposure on business idea generation, environment scanning, new venture financing, financial planning and other management studies. This can start from the introduction of entrepreneurial courses on every field of study so as to enable students imbibe the virtues and core values of doing business.

Entrepreneurial programme can help facilitate all these and students will have a better scope of business that can lead to the growth and development of the society.

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