The scenario in today’s world is such that we see people running every second of the day. If we compare the life today with that of our forefathers, we would observe that there is a huge difference in it. What is all this running around for? Well, it is money. The efforts people put in to earn money are surprising. Some people start their own businesses while the others opt for different kinds of jobs.

Few job options are:

  • Full time jobs: These are the most common jobs for most of the people. These include desk jobs, training jobs, field jobs and many more.
  • Part time jobs: These can be same as the full time ones. However, the employee is there to work not for the whole day but for less time, like 4-6 hours a day.
  • Work from home jobs: These kinds of jobs have gained popularity in a very less time. These are the most convenient for those people who, for any reason, cannot go to offices and work but still wish to focus on their careers. The best example is the new mothers.
  • Online jobs: There are also few job opportunities which want employees to do work online. They have the liberty of choosing the location for working in few companies.

 The next big question that arises in front of the organizations as well as the job seekers is where they can post or find the jobs. Let’s answer to the organizations first. There are numerous places to post jobs like newspapers, online, television, banners and even brochures. The choice completely depends on the size and the budget of the company.

The hottest place to post the jobs these days is Classifieds. Classified advertising is a kind of advertising where small advertisements can be given regarding any product or service in newspapers, television, radio or even online. The world works on just a click today, hence, the same medium is preferred for posting jobs too. There are following benefits of it:

  • It is absolutely free unlike the newspapers’ classifieds.
  • You can even upload short videos or images. This attracts more candidates and makes the ad more interesting too.
  • It is available to a wider audience, thus, increasing the possibility of finding more deserving candidates.
  • It helps in increasing the employment rate of the country as well.

There are many online classified websites. One of them is Websites like these have made it much easier for the companies to find the best candidate. The visibility of the ad increases more once the companies post the job on these websites.

Another main advantage of these websites is that they classify different jobs using different keywords. This makes it an easy job for the job seekers to find the appropriate profile and the company for themselves. The most common and the most searched for jobs on are:

  • Teaching: There can be various teaching jobs for experienced, fresher, and interns. There are teaching jobs for teenagers as well which gives them an opportunity to hone their skills at an early age and gain some experience at the same time.
  • Training: This head may include jobs like trainers, assistant trainers, teaching assistants etc.
  • Retail: This includes jobs like store manager, salesman, restaurant managers and many more.
  •  Hospitality: This includes various jobs related to hotels and restaurants.
  • Information technology: Jobs like engineers, analysts, technicians etc. can be found under this head easily.
  • Admin & Clerical: This has jobs like receptionist, sales department jobs, customer support and more.
  • Human Resources: Jobs like HR mangers, assistants, counselors, recruiters can be searched here.
  • Banking: loan processors, tellers, bank managers, tax auditors, chartered accountants, are put into this category.
  • Writing & Editing: we can search for content writers, editors, bloggers and translators here.

Let us come to the jobseekers’ query about finding the suitable jobs. The answer remains the same, that is, newspapers and online. The best medium online is Classified ads. There are several benefits to them as well like:

  • These ads make it much easier for the jobseekers to find the desired jobs.
  • They help in increasing the employment rate and thus, decreasing the crime rate.
  • They help in reducing the job seekers’ stress since they don’t have to travel from one place to another in search of jobs.
  • Such sites even have some training available for the candidates which can train them for the concerned job.
  • It is easier to find other job options like part time and work from home.

The candidates looking for a job can thus find the desired one by using keywords like mentioned above on classifieds.

Classifieds are mainly beneficial for the organizations or the agencies that have several jobs in hand to offer. These sites not only help in promoting their products and services but also help them in finding suitable candidates. Most of the sites like are free and safe for users as well. The users just need to register free and then post accordingly. While some companies offer unlimited posts, there are others who have a limit on the number of posts that you can upload at a time. However, a couple of countries have classified sites which are paid for the users. Though, they provide effective exposure to their businesses.

It is entirely up to the organizations to post ads about their products, services or job offers. There are many organizations that use this platform for promotion. Whereas many of them use it to post vacancies like teaching job ads, engineering job ads, receptionist jobs, trainers jobs, managers jobs etc. 

What more can the companies and candidates ask for when all this is just a click away. Moreover, in most of the cases, it is absolutely free. So, there is no more tedious, boring and long process of posting and looking for a job. Use Classifieds and attain the peace of mind.

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