Angels Ad allows businesses and individuals to post FREE ads to sell products and to promote their business

Business Guru Peter Drucker once said there are only 2 things a successful business should be doing: Creating a Product and Selling a Product.  For most businesses the first one is easy. But the second one is hard.

Advertising can be expensive.  And there is no guarantee that you'll be successful at it.

Angels Ad lets you get started for FREE. You can create and test ads with no investment at all.  Create several ads and run them for awile, find out which one works best.  Then dump the one that doesn't work and create a new ad to try and beat the one that is working.  Before long, you'll find you're selling lots and lots of product.

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Search engines rank sites higher when there are links to that site from other sites. Directory listings have been around from the beginning of the internet, and Angels Ad has one, too.  Create a listing, tell the world (and the search engines) about your business website on our directory. Then find other directories to put you site on.  Every one helps to rank your site a little higher.

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There's nothing like Word of Mouth to spread the message about your business. On the Internet, word of mouth starts on discussion forums.  Find a topic related to your business and post relevant content. Don't just spam the forums with advertising, though. If you sell Cameras, go to our Forum and look up Photography.  Post a great picture and explain how you captured it. At the bottom of your post include your name and business info but you won't have to "sell" anything. Soon others will be talking about your picture and ask questions like, "What kind of camera did you use?"  At this point you can brag about the "Lightwave 3000" model and mention that you sell it at your store.  You'll soon find that people consider you an expert and are coming to you for all their camera purchases.

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