The sign of depression can easily be mistaken for a typical up and down swings associated with being a teenager. This sometime might be considered abnormal. But, what behavior is normal for an average teenager?

The parent of a teenager himself should recognize the importance of identifying both causes of depression amongst them and the apparent symptoms. Although depression can be treated, but at often times misdiagnosis could affect one fifth of all teenagers throughout the world.

Parents dismiss the common symptoms related with teenage depression as a typical behavior among teenagers as they mimic the depression symptoms to that of an adult.

Many parents whose kid suffers from this this illness refuse to admit or hide their feelings to the potential problem and this is averse to seeking help from family or friends.

To recognize the signs and symptoms of depression amongst teenagers; one could follow the guide in this article to help curb this illness before it deteriorates.

The various symptoms related to teenage depression may include Chronic Fatigue, low focus on tasks, crying, shouting, lethargy lack of concentration and irritability which progresses in the life of a teenage to distract them. They eventually lack focus when dealing with debilitating problems.

Depression can also be noticed through physical symptoms like chronic pain, stress headaches, fatigue and digestive problems. The obvious change in eating habits, decrease or increase in weight, change in sleeping patterns, poor mood, worthless feeling, even thoughts of suicide and abstaining from social activities are often considered as the symptoms of depression in teenagers. If about four or five symptoms listed above continue to manifest in a teen for a period of weeks, it is recommended to seek a medical professional for immediate diagnosis and treatment. Regardless of these symptoms, should in case a teenager threatens suicide, immediate and appropriate treatment must be administered in other to avoid any sadden occurrence.

Below, you can find the numerous causes and effects of Teenage Depression and the role of healthcare advertising.

Teenage depressions are majorly caused by intense stress inducing and unwanted activities and engaging in stressful circumstances which may include upset in the family, financial problems, sexual abuse, drug related problems, divorce, death and troubling factors within the family. Teenage dealing with the trauma or death tragedy often finds it hard to be treated

Many teenagers today find it difficult to achieve some common goals. A teenager might lose the ability to succeed in athletics, academics and social goals. This will certainly lead to depression because he might feel rejected as a result of being unable to reach a particular goal

Depression can genetically be disposed on a teenager when there are traces of it in the family background.

Lack of Job for teenagers, moral and financial support can increase the rate of depression on teenagers.

The effects of depression amongst teenagers are majorly noticed at school as they clearly exhibit common signs when they interact with friends and school activities. It tends to increase more especially when they sees their school grades drop which might perhaps, lead to drop in extracurricular activities, miss in school, lose in focus and abandon their educational drive.

Teenagers facing such challenges are prone to crime, sexual, drug or alcohol abuse. The role of health care sectors is to find a possible means to advertise the importance of knowing these symptoms to parents, schools and other sectors. They should help to facilitate and issue proper diagnosis to victims suffering from depression.

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