Travelling to far off places and enjoying a once in a lifetime experience is a vocation for many. But instead of standing out in the crowd and looking like a typical tourist, most would prefer to blend with the local crowd. This gives them more authentic experience of the place. They can visit more local sites and eateries and can actually participate in all the fun activities of the locals. This experience adds to the sightseeing experience and makes them one with nature in the true sense. Achieving this is not as difficult as it seems. It just requires changing some travelling habits. Here are some tips that would help to travel like a local in foreign places.

  • Avoid tour buses.  Tour buses are for tourists. They plan each and everything for you. Like from the places to visit to places to eat. While travelling in them you would meet more tourists only. Instead chalk out your own plan of sightseeing. Take help from local guides and travel in cabs when required. This way you would be free from a time table. You would also be able to explore different places and eateries that would bring you closer to local sights and cuisines.
  • Skip big hotels.  In big tourist hotels and resorts you would find tourists from other countries. Instead book yourself into smaller hotels that are frequented by people of that country itself. There you will get to meet more locals. From them you can learn about many other good places to hang out. You can even learn about any local event and participate in that. You can befriend other locals and visit sights with them. They would offer a different perspective about things than the regular tourist guide.
  • Travel during off season.  Peak seasons would mean more tourists. It would mean more crowd and noise. By deciding to travel in off season not only would you save on money you would have a peaceful and relaxing tour too. This way you would be surrounded by more local crowd rather than tourist crowd. Most sightseeing places would be near empty and you would be able to explore things at your own pace. There would be no need to hurry.
  • See some, skip some.  A place might have dozens of sites worth seeing. Rather than trying to score 12/12, just visit places that are more important to you. Make your own list of to-do’s and must-see. This way you will be able to spend more time in each place. It would not feel like a touch and go experience. You will be better able to absorb in the atmosphere and actually enjoy your vacation.

Whichever way you choose to travel, just make sure to travel safe and use your intuition for judging unknown people and places. Remember that even if you feel like a local, locals can still make it out that you are a tourist. It would be wise to learn about the culture and people of the place you are travelling. Use your knowledge and enjoy your vacation while keeping safe at the same time.stylegaps

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