So you're sitting there at work, or maybe you're even struggling to finish a page of a book at home and you catch yourself thinking, why am i finding it so hard to stay focused? There could be a number of reasons why, but here are some methods for staying focused that might help.

Break down the task

By breaking down a task into smaller tasks you are making it easier on yourself and this can help with you focus. When you worry less about the bigger picture you can focus on it bit by bit before you find you have tackled the whole thing. Making small progress is still progress, instead of procrastinating and letting your mind wander, take small steps to get where you want to be.

Focus on one thing at a time

Multitasking can mean your brain is thinking about too many things at once. How are you supposed to give your full attention to one task if you are spinning too many plates all at once? By reducing the amount of tasks you are committed to, this will allow you the headspace to complete what you have set your mind to.


Sure everyone knows exercise is good for you health and your body, did you know it is also good for your brain? Exercising helps you to memorise things as well as concentrate. Also once you feel good about your health you are free to concentrate on other things, exercise affects your wellbeing and this includes your mental health.

Get some rest

Sleeping better is crucial to any focus. Everyone feels like they need to get more sleep, but if it's actually true it can be debilitating for your mental health. Make sure you are getting what feels like the right amount of sleep for you, the general consensus appears to be around 8 hours but everyone is different. Even something as small a taking a power nap can have positive effects on your focus,

Drink lots of water

Drinking water gives you energy and stops you from tiring. At the same time it helps you to focus and concentrate more. If it's proven to helps sportsmen and women focus during competition then it is definitely a good idea to try it when you are struggling to focus at work, or even during conversation! Dehydration has negative effects on your mental capabilities .

Eat brain food

Eating too many processed foods and carbs make you lethargic, physically and mentally. Certain foods have even been proven to give you ‘brain fog’ where you can't function your brain to its full capabilities. Sugary foods will create a burst of glucose and although this will provide an instant energy boost it is not sustainable and will in turn make you experience a crash soon after. Nuts, vegetables and fresh fruit should all be included in a diet that is complementary to your focus.

There are plenty of small thing you can do that can help you focus. The best thing you can do is be kind to yourself, don't stress about your progress, stay away from distractions such as social media and get ready to focus.

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