It is advisable that parents and individuals that guide teenagers understand how to prevent teenage substance abuse. Abuse of various types of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription medications, stimulants, and even certain over-the-counter drugs is quite prevalent among the teenagers of today.

Research conducted on teens was found that over one million of these individuals between the age range of 17 -20 have depends on substances, and many others are said to have an inclination towards addiction involving alcohol. These statistics are staggering!

The listed steps below guides parents and guidance will learn how to deal and prevent teenage substance abuse.

  1. The best way to deal with teenage drug abuse is to have knowledge about the various types of substances that teens engage on. There is need to research on alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, and various other types of drugs. You should also learn the symptoms associated with each and other vital information of these drugs. By knowing about the drugs available today, it’s possible to stop them from being addicted with drugs.
  2. It is important to control anything that will deter substance abuse in your home. Many teens find some cough medications very appealing as well as the prescription. They believe that since the medications are prescribed for health related issues, then the drugs would not harm their health.
  3. Having knowledge and learning the symptoms that indicate the occurrence of potential drug and alcohol abuse is important. These signs and symptoms include social isolation, personality changes, loss of interest in social engagement activities, weight loss and drop in school grades.
    Researching on these signs can be made through online sources, book stores and libraries. You can equally consult a medical professional to help advice on the best way to detect and know youth who suffer from substance dependency.
  4. The next step to deal with teenage drug abuse is to ensure that youths are educated more about hard drugs or substances. They should be thought of how harmful the substances are through seminars, in schools and also at home.
    Youths need to know more about the mental disorders, side effects and dangers that may occur as a result of drug abuse.
  5. You should seek medical assistance promptly if there is a sign that a teenager is indulging in recreational substance use.
  6. Integrating drug rehabilitation facilities to help resolve the addicts is another productive step to prevent substance abuse.

There are various steps to prevent teenage drug abuse and resolving the already made addicts. You will likely solve the dangerous cycle of drug abuse on teenagers and provide engaging activities such as jobs, sports activities e.t.c.

Government should also ensure that growing treatment pipeline and continued research in drug abuse and effects is sufficient. Adequate services for treating substance abuse should be provided by medical or relevant authorities in order to help resolve the increase rate of these effects.

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