Are you excited at the prospect of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and seeing new places, but are bogged down by the thought of packing your bags? Fret not, we have it covered for you with a few pointers that will make your journey, a pleasant one.

How nice it would be if you could just leave your baggage behind and see the sights without being weighed down! That, unfortunately is not possible, but what you can do is to travel light. For that you need to do some homework- check out the weather in the places you intend visiting, find out if they have dress codes and most importantly, fix the duration of your trip. You’re already halfway there if you’ve got answers to those.

  • Make a packing checklist.  You know what you use every day- write those items down and make the list as comprehensive as possible. This will help you narrow down when you choose what you need to take with you in your bags. Don’t forget to take the weather into consideration.
  • Separate your stuff.  Survey your wardrobe, decide what you want to take and just park them separately on a table. That should include all the items in your check list- in short anything that you plan taking with you. That way, you get an idea of how much stuff you need to get into your bags. In order to pack less into the bags, you need to wear more- so identify what you’ll wear on the plane and what you need to have on you- ID, passport copies, and money and so on. Keep these in a separate pile.
  • Plan for the entire duration of your travel.  Opt for a collapsible bag- it’s more flexible and roomy. Whatever you do, don’t over-pack- your bags shouldn’t be bursting at their seams- there should be some empty space. Remember, you can always pick up some cheap shirts and shorts wherever you go, even if you tend to under pack a little. Underclothes and vests are important- so ensure that you have enough of those. Jeans and shorts are versatile items, so a couple of those should do. Keep an extra foldable bag for all that dirty linen you’ll accumulate.
  • Actual packing.  No one likes wrinkled and creased clothes, so you could roll them tightly- this helps to save space and also keeps clothes in pretty good shape. Placing them in vacuum compression bags maybe a good idea- you get more space in your bag. Take anti-wrinkle stuff with you as far as possible. Let most of your clothes and stuff go into your check-in baggage and in your carry-on, have a spare set of clothing and your toiletries to counter delayed or lost luggage. Use all the dead spaces optimally by stuffing small lightweight items into those gaps. Keep your clothes fresh with some fabric conditioner sheets.
  • Spare bags.  You need those to separate your electronic items- adapters, chargers, headphones from the rest of the crowd. Don’t forget medication- everything that you might need from antibiotic creams to Band-Aids. These need to be separately packed. If you like to read, don’t carry books, take your kindle along with downloaded books.
  • Weigh your baggage. Ensure that you have the sizes and weight right- you don’t want to start off on a chaotic note paying for extra baggage. Label uniquely and adorn your bags with ribbons or colorful strings so that you can recognize it easily.
  • Tick off on your checklist as you pack.  Ensure that everything on the list is in the bag- check whether you have your plane and train tickets, your passport, boarding pass and any other important documents. Don’t flash your cash about- keep it distributed on your person and your carry-bag so that everything isn’t in one place.

You’re ready to go- slip on that backpack and pull your travel bag along- and enjoy your trip.

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