Cholesterol is an important substance that a body needs and it also makes what it needs. And you have two types of them-the low density lipoprotein the LDL and the high density lipoprotein the HDL. The former is generally called the bad cholesterol and the latter the good. The body needs both of them but in optimum levels.

If the cholesterol in the blood crosses certain levels it will affect your health especially the heart. So you need to check the amount of cholesterol that you take in. let us find the ways that one can control this intake.

You need to eat food that is heart healthy. This can be done by making certain changes in the diet. You need to monitor the kinds of fat that you consume. Healthier fats like that found in lean meat, monounsaturated fats in olive oil are better than the ones found in red meat and other kinds of oils.

You should totally avoid the use of Trans fat and also the food prepared using this. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acid helps in increasing the HDL and do not affect the LDL. Also food rich in protein helps in lowering LDL. Totally avoid food that contains cholesterol and consume only food that helps reduce cholesterol if your level of cholesterol is too high.

Having proper diet helps keep your heart in good condition no doubt but you need to have some kind of exercise for your body too. This will help increase the physical activity and keep the body trim and healthy. It is found that exercising improves cholesterol. Moderate exercise daily can help increase the HDL in the body. Generally it would suffice to exercise for about 30 min.

Also proper exercise can help reduce your body weight. This may be needed overweight people. The type of exercises recommended are cycling- you can even cycle to work, taking brisk walk daily morning and evening, swimming and also playing sports like football, tennis etc.

Even taking the stairs instead of using an elevator may add to your physical activity and help you improve health. Don’t always be a couch potato, instead watch TV while exercising or doing sit-ups. This is a good way of improving health and saving time too.

Smoking decreases the amount of HDL so quitting will help increase it. So try to quit it as soon as possible. You will see the health benefits in a couple of days.

If you are overweight chances are that your cholesterol levels are high. Even losing a 10% of your weight will make a lot of difference. So try some methods to lose weight so that you can control your cholesterol. Even small changes daily will add up and at the end of the month or so you can notice the change in you. So keep following these tips.

Moderation in the intake of alcohol is good for overall health and even in reduction in cholesterol. Consuming more than two drinks per day is not recommended for anyone.

These are the lifestyle changes that are recommended for the controlling of the cholesterol. In case there is not enough reduction you can consult a doctor. He or she will prescribe some medication. This does not mean that the lifestyle changes are not needed. These medications are only an addition to help you reduce your cholesterol.

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