Being a single mother isn’t what anybody dreams of when they fall pregnant. Parenthood is difficult as a pair but alone adds extra challenges. The number of single mothers has risen drastically over the past 50 years and this trend looks set to carry on but the good news is, single mums rock! Taking every challenge in their stride, the challenges are harder but the rewards are so much more exciting. Knowing that you have the love of your little ones all to yourself means more than money can buy.
Money, however, is a major factor when it comes to single parenthood. With only one form of income and the costs of childcare as well as the day to day costs of running a home can stack up quickly. As a result of this single mothers and fathers are often neglected by big businesses who don’t see the effects they have on the economy. With the increase in the number of single parents, they are having greater influence on the general economy and the time to take them seriously is now.

When you’re a single parent then money can be difficult to manage. Ensuring you are paying all your bills, feeding and clothing your family and trying to keep up with the latest trends can seem like an almost impossible task. Often the solution to this is getting inventive with when, where and how you go about doing your shopping and these lessons can save you money left, right and centre.

One of the biggest things that single parents have learned to do is to shop intelligently. This means that shops can gain big by drawing in the single mothers out there. Often using much cheaper, locally produced sources and going directly to the supplier can save an awful lot of money. By bringing the money that single parents use directly into the local economy it is amazing the amount of power they have over the more immediate economic climate.

The intelligent shopping that single parents do can make a massive difference to a company and this small but vital demographic are growing in importance. As the instances of single parenthood increases then the power over the general economy will also grow. This is something that needs to be taken into account more and more often.

Single mothers and fathers are some of the hardest working and determined people on this planet. Their willingness to do the best for their families knows no bound and this can have a massive impact on every aspect of our planet if we let it. By taking advantage of people that are willing to put the effort in then the economy can grow endlessly as a result. Although single parenthood is a difficult task to face, it doesn’t mean these people should be discounted – they’re more powerful than we give them credit!

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