Meditation is a great technique for relieving stress and encouraging relaxation, it can be beneficial in improving focus and concentration. Focus is the means or skill to pay attention to one sole thing which is become increasingly more difficult in today’s chaotic society which often centers around quick paced multitasking. 

When you are practicing meditation the goal is to center your attention on one sole thought and allow all other thoughts pass you by. If someone is struggling to concentrating so narrowly on one thing, a good way to learn and become familiar with this technique is to concentrate on your breathing.

It’s important to sit in a comfortable position, so there is no physical pain to distract your mind, before closing your eyes and listening to way you breathe. Try not to restrain or control the depth or rate of your breathing, intending it to be as natural as possible.  If a thought does crowd in and ruin or interrupt your focus, let it fade away  as you refocus in on the breathing.

Sit perfectly still, it may seem an unusual or uncomfortable practice but this can greatly help you concentrate on your body and not allow you to be controlled by comfort. Sit still with closed eyes and attempt to not move a sole muscle in your physical body. If you are not used to this practice it will be uncomfortable, perhaps making you feel itchy and giving you achy joint muscles. Unless your pain is anything more than a regular discomfort don’t succumb to it, the focus needed to ignore your body’s urges will help calm you and increase the ability to focus and concentrate.

Once you begin to be comfortable sitting still it becomes easier to listen to the way you breathe for an extended time period without having problems, this is when you should introduce mantras. A mantra is a repeated syllable, phrase of simple a word that can help you focus. The mantra is to be repeated throughout the meditation session, the most famous and simple mantra is the ‘ohm’ which is said on while you exhale. When you inhale your thoughts will attempt to rush back into your mind but a trained focus can keep the mind still and peaceful. Doing this will give you an ability to concentrate on thing for a prolonged period of time, even when being interrupted.

Meditation is often practiced by competitive sports stars, helping them maintain focus even in the face of external and internal distractions. Being able to master this type of focus can be the difference between missing or making a shot, losing or winning the game.

Not only will meditation help you focus but it will help improve  your physical performance and improve endurance. The meditation technique of focusing on something else and working through discomfort will be a vital skill to have during physical endurance. Meditation reduces stress and cortisol levels, this is often done through focusing on breathing which will slow down the heart rate and normalize the blood pressure.

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