A classified ad is known to be the most valuable means of promoting businesses and building maximum productivity. A free classified ad provides the leverage for users to post and advertise product without any limitation. Some sites offer it free to users yet they provide good services than paid sites. Many had testified to the benefits received through classified and since its emergence, there is a rapid increase in usage growth.

This article is specifically written for car dealers looking for a way to start getting listed on classified sites.

Here, you will find out more on top sites to create good listings of your products (i.e Cars) without bothering about the stress of advertisement cost.

To get started, a car seller should find a reliable classified ad site which can give the following features;

  1.  Unlimited ad postings
  2. Ability to Make good description of your items
  3. Providing security measures to output scammers
  4. Ensuring an efficient  means of payment

The rest of the job lies on you to provide accurate details of your items as buyers would always like to patronize dealers with honest attribute, good description of the car and conditions for selling it. This also gives maximum ads exposure for users.

Sites such as;

  • Angels-ad-pbb gives the privilege to enable a dealer post unlimited ads on the car / vehicle category. The site is known for its secured feature and provides unlimited rights for users.
  • Craigslist still remain amongst the top car classified ad sites with over 20 thousand cars listed by dealers. The site gives an outstanding ways for users to post and cover a wide audience outreach.
  • KKB ( Kelley Blue Book )enable buyers to sell new or used vehicles. The site emerges to be amongst the top car classified ad sites with users from around the world.
  • Newsnow is a news reporting site known for consistent update and collection of news from different News site. Recently, the site launched classified ads platform and they have recorded success for converting its visitors to ad users.

Car ad classifieds can lead potential buyers who are interested to make purchases based on the provided details of the item including model, condition, photos and price of the car.

Feel free to list more of the top classified car ad sites you know on the comment below.

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