Impossible Path game is a brain teasing game that would make the player use his/her brain power to the optimum. It challenges the player to find the right path while collecting different colored cubes on the way. The player cannot collect cubes in any order he/she wishes. In order to make the game more tough and interesting, the collection order is defined. The player has to collect the cubes in a certain color order.  It is a great exercise for the brain. There are nearly 150 levels in the game. Each level is unlocked only when the player completes the previous level. At each level a player also gets 1, 2 or 3 stars depending upon how quickly he/she was able to find the correct path. Since each level is a kind of short game in itself, it does not require dedicated amount to solve them. While you are standing in a queue or stuck in traffic they are good time pass.

The game design and structure are simple. The menu options are very limited. There is just play, pause and music button. The layout is easy for any player to get started quickly. The player just needs to tap or click to play the game. Though, the game seems a tad simple at first, it increases in complexity as the game progresses with increasingly difficult levels. It is a good time pass and fun game. All age group people will enjoy playing this game. It is relaxing with no loud noises in the background. The game has an overall soothing appeal to it. The stars given at each level keeps motivating the player to find the optimum path as quickly as possible. The plus point of this game is that it is not time bound. The player can solve each level at his own pace.

This game belongs to the puzzle genre of online games. Such types of games test the player’s problem solving skills.  They check his/her logic and sequencing skills too. With loads of adventure and action packed games around, these games have soothing effect on the nerves. They make you pause and think a little. Other games that belong to this genre are dot to dot or connect the dots or pipes. Such types of games need not have just one solution to the problem. They areopen ended. They involve strategy making and makes the player devise the correct route to go from path A to path B. They make the player think ahead and play.

Problem solving games increase focus and attention. They make players find ways within defined parameters. This in turn helps them in real life problem solving situation. These games are also relaxing and help to keep the mind occupied. Impossible path game has the added advantage of being a simple and straightforward game. No difficult to understand rules, just simple clicks or taps. You can download it on your computer or mobile or tablets and enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.

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