People who love sport, Flicking Soccer online game is one of the best online video game for them.  It is an online video game emulating real life soccer match. The player can select a country for which he wants to play. There are more than 30 options available. The whole game lasts for 3 minutes. The player gets the first turn. He/she gets 3 kicks in each turn. After his/her turn is over, it is the CPU’s turn to kick the ball. The aim of both the sides is to score maximum number of goals in the given timeslot. The team that has higher score is the winner. The player can control the kick through mouse clicks. He can change direction and power of the kick. If the kick touches player of another team instead of the ball then it is a foul. A foul would result in the turn being given to the opposite team. This game is reminiscent of a table top game.

Flicking soccer is an entertaining game that is also a good time pass. The menu is simple and easy to navigate for any person. Since the game operatives are very easy, it can be played by a person of any age. Though the overall game is quite simple to understand, it requires skill to score goals. This game tests the eye-hand coordination and the ability of a person to predict a shot. Though the game is action oriented, it does not require the player to be on the edge of his seat always. It is a relaxing as well as stimulating game. It is challenging to score goals in the limited amount of time given.

This game can be played online on desktops or on mobiles or tablets. It is compatible on any type of browser or O.S. It can be easily played on Android devices or iPhones or ipad. Since each game has a time limit of 3 minutes only, they can be played anywhere and anytime. It does not require hours of free time to complete any level. This game tests the strategy making skills of the player. In the limited amount of time, player has to observe the opposition team’s layout. He/she has to find gaps from where a goal can be scored. He has to judge direction and amount of strength needed behind each kick. Apart from developing tactical skills this game also imbibes team spirit. A goal can’t be achieved by a single player. It is through the collective effort of players that one goal is scored.

Flicking soccer falls under the sports genre of video games. It includes emulation of any sport onto the video game. Some games under this category just emulate the playing field whereas some focus on strategy building. Flicking soccer combines both strategy and game playing in a single game. Such games are one of the earliest in history of online video games. Despite being old, they are still quite popular as the real life sport they emulate.

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