Playing video games is fun and children can play them endlessly without tiring. While too much of it can be detrimental to health, playing video games like Color Tease can actually benefit them.  Video games, especially the timed ones, can enhance timing skills and matching games can help to coordinate mind and hand motions. Learning to use the controls of the device they use to play games is another reason why video games should not be discouraged completely.

Color Tease is a free HTML5 game that can be played online using browsers like Safari and chrome. The advantage of being a HTML5 game is that it doesn’t require any extra plugin or software in order to run. The game can be played on Android devices, iPhones and iPads, and on Samsung and Window phones.

It’s essentially a skill game that tests your mental prowess and is stated to be a complete multi-platform 2D game that’s ready to publish. For those who like color score matching games, Color Tease is ideal. It’s slightly different from the other games in the same category, which usually involves only one color pallet to match with falling colors.

Color Tease is a little more challenging as you have to switch between two color wheels to match the falling colors. This requires you to be very fast while touching the right and left wheels so that they match the colors of the falling balls.

As you have to do things at the same time, you need to be focused, think fast and act fast. There are two color wheels at the bottom of the play area and the aim of the game is to match the falling colors with that of the wheels at the bottom. For every right touch, you score points and go ahead.

Although the task seems pretty easy, it’s sometimes very tricky to get the colors in the right places. It’s an ideal game to play when you’re bored and want a break from the routine. Playing this game will do two things to you- it will speed up your reflexes and chase away your boredom.

It’s an interesting and very addictive game and will have kids hooked on to it in no time. It’s all a question of how fast you can react and how fast you can move between the two wheels and two falling orbs. The balls will go through the ring only when the colors of the ring and wheel match and then you win points. By clicking the mouse you can change the color of the wheel. The faster you think, the faster you can change the colors.

This online skill game appears to be gathering momentum and you can play it for free at many sites. Since it supports almost all major operating systems, it’s a great game for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Color Tease does tease the brain and makes it work faster- firing up neurons and relaying messages faster. This really challenges your powers of co-ordination and thinking and acting quickly and simultaneously.

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