Free online fundraising

Raise money online for personal causes and charity. Angels fund raising is a cost effective online fundraising opportunity for everyone to help raise money for causes that are of interest to them and also have fun connecting with family d friends.
We remove all the cost from big fund raising websites. Your donations go directly into your account, in real time and without any cost to you (at a later date, we may have to commence charging a small fee to cover storage and bandwidth, but, for now, take advantage of listing for free). With us you don't pay any annual fee or any commitment, not even a registration fee is required of you, but you may upgrade your campaign at any time to featured campaign for a little fee.
Here you have the opportunity to create your personal, team and event based fund raising campaign.
Ask for donations while you could email a link to your fundraising pages to all your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Send messages to them through Facebook, Twitter, Google and everything else you can remember. And don't forget to make it fun doing it.

In the future

Later on, depending on the interest, we have plans to radically upgrade this area to bring much more automation and features to your fingertips. Continue to follow us!

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