Durian: Double edged sword for health

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blackstormy created the topic: Durian: Double edged sword for health
Durian is a plant from Southeast Asia, very tasty, but not everyone can withstand the smell of it. An average durian weighs about 600 g and is an excellent source of energy. 100 g of durian provides about 147Kcal of energy, which accounts for about 7% of the energy intake for the body's daily activities.

The benefits of durian
Strengthening the immune system: According to Life Hack, the concentration of antioxidants, vitamin C in the durian against free radicals, improve the immune system, prevent the bacteria, pathogens attack.

Prevention of anemia: A deficiency in folate can cause anemia called ischemia. Folate is also called vitamin B9, which is essential for the production of normal red blood cells. Durian is a rich source of folate.

Prevent aging: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which repels free radicals, reduces stress levels, and prevents skin aging. Meanwhile, each cup of durian contains up to 80% of the vitamin C needs your body needs every day.

Strengthen strong bones: Durian is rich in potassium, providing many benefits for bones. It helps maintain calcium in the body by preventing calcium excretion in the urine.
Blood pressure control: High levels of potassium in durian are responsible for protecting the muscular functions in the body including the heart, helping control heart rate and ensuring effective blood flow. In addition, durian also contains low sodium, safe enough for patients with high blood pressure.

Prevention of constipation: Durian is rich in fiber, an important nutrient that absorbs water and helps digestion, improve bowel motility, prevent constipation.

Antidepressant: Many studies have shown that people with low serotonin levels are at high risk of depression. Durian is rich in vitamin B6, an essential nutrient in the production of serotonin. Consequently, eating durian often helps you overcome stress, depression and depression.

Strengthen the health of the teeth, gums: Durian is also rich in potassium minerals, which are beneficial for bone. In addition, high levels of calcium and B vitamins in the fruit help protect teeth, which is always good.

The impact of durian
Suffering: According to Nature Word, durian is high in fiber, so eating too much can cause stomach discomfort.

Indigestion with alcohol: The combination of durian and alcohol can cause mild to severe dyspepsia, depending on the amount of durian and alcohol you consume. The sulfur compounds in this fruit inhibit the enzyme activity in the liver, which degrades the alcohol, causing longer digestion and removal of toxins. In addition, durian is rich in calories, so if you eat this fruit when drinking alcohol makes the activity of the stomach and liver difficult.

Increase blood sugar: Durian is a fruit rich in natural sugars, so people with diabetes need to eat less to control their blood glucose levels.

Weight gain: Durian is rich in calories (147 calories). So if you eat too many fruits this fat will accumulate in the body. If you like to eat durian, you should combine with diet and exercise to balance the side effects of unwanted side effects.

Not good for pregnant women: Although improving fertility and conception, this fruit is not good during pregnancy. It can cause sleep problems, heart palpitations, hemorrhages, even stroke. Pregnant women who want to eat durians need the advice and permission of the doctor .

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