Enterprise resource planning is a management tools that helps manage the affairs of companies ranging from the accounting, manufacturing, inventory, customer relationship, purchase and sale activities.

With the advent and recent developments of several Enterprise resource planning platforms, the system has extended its hands globally as majority of the companies worldwide prefers to use the features for effective service delivery. Point of sale in Enterprise resource planning is the topic of discussion in this article.

Point of sale in Enterprise resource planning can help business dealers organize their trade for a convenient and efficient service delivery. As the name depicts, point of sale enables users to stock goods or services with the prices listed on them and at the same time fixing up cashiers responsible for each day deal activities.

Point of sale in Enterprise resource planning has a more powerful integrated relationship with other management application like the accounting, sales and purchase application which records all transactions according to the prescribed configurations. At the end, reports are produced in due time

Utilizing Enterprise resource planning point of sale can help maximize your business market sales, bringing up the standard of expectation from your customers which involve the elimination of cuing up at the cashier unit. e.t.c.

With Point of Sale, you can efficiently monitor your account transactions; print customer’s receipts and generate audit reports. Most Point of Sales application in Enterprise resource planning does not allow the customer’s name or any other relational fields printed on the receipt. Although, the solution by Maduka Sopulu could help you resolve this issue in OpenErp Application.

More often, developers tend to resolve this through code modifications or through writing modules to append on the original point of sale module setup. Point of sale on Enterprise Resource Planning application can equally print multiple copies of receipts and send audit reports of daily transaction activities.

The introduction of Point of sale system has digitally transformed the business world and has contributed greatly to the moderation of difficulties during the usual business hours.

In the Point of Sale (POS) app, prices of any product are fixed and cashiers could easily detect this through the barcode and hardware device. At once, the barcode readings are registers automatically by the POS system depending on the configuration of such business.

Below is the Popular ERP Point of Sales suitable for sale transaction;

  1. OpenErp : The platform is widely known to have occupied the internet world with its cost efficient implementation and features that enables dealers make transactions smoothly. OpenErp/Odoo has a user friendly and customizable interface for users to suit their business needs. Although the system requires strong knowledge and guidance to guide through the installation process, it can run on both offline and online platforms.
  2. Prestshop: Similar to openErp, the platform is good enough to manage your commerce activities. It gives users the option to purchase required addons and also entail that a professional guidance is needed for installation that will suit your needs.

You can check other available point of sale application here

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