Business has gone global since the emergence of internet system which takes it closer to people’s reach. Millions of dealers and consumers go viral online in search of products to buy and sell, expecting a trusted delivery of their services. PayPal and other numerous payment systems provide such service, a secure payment platform where business dealers can make payment for a purchased or sold items. A huge number of online customers prefers to make purchases using online classified ads sites which make it convenient on a transaction.

Underdeveloped countries like Africa still faces the challenge of online goods procurement coupled with the restrictions mapped on some countries like Nigeria where users are insupportable to make registration. Thus, online purchases in some African countries are quite difficult as there’s no available payment service around. Another challenging factor facing the sustainability of the Classified ad system is the security in transactions. Of course, not all free online classified ads provides the security features as many of them are prone to unverified registrants who utilizes the opportunity to scam consumers. is one amongst other Global Free Classified sites which ensure a maximum provision of security features that verifies user posting ads online. In other to curb the challenge facing under-developed countries, Angels-ad-pbb extends its features to enable users within those places to register, make postings and allow customers to connect directly with close dealers. One most important feature about Angels-ad-pbb; a free Online Classified ads is that it ensures accurate verification of users (dealers) posting online. Many consumers have testified their successful transactions, especially in Nigeria and India. It is advisable to go with Angels-ad-pbb because of its tenable security features.

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