Any form of physical activity leads to better health, and sex is also one among them. There is lot of taboo that surround around whether sex can aid in having longer life or not. Researchers around the globe have been time and again stressing on the positive effects of having a regular sex life. The findings are astonishing as men indulging in regular sexual activities were found to be healthier. Let’s take a sneak peek at the positive impact of sex on men’s life:

  1. Stress buster - Stress is a killer agent that can prove fatal in the long run. Sex calms the nerves and the hormone released during the process reduces the impact of cortisol on body. Moreover, sex lowers the blood pressure and helps the individual sleep better. A good sleep often reduces the stress level and relaxes the mind, making the person more energized and healthy.
  2. Keeps prostate cancer at bay - Men have a common tendency to develop prostate cancer in the later part of their lives. But, recent researchers suggest that people who have an active sex life or masturbate during the 20 to 50 age bracket have lesser probability of suffering from prostate cancer.
  3. Elevates your mood - There are numerous psychological advantage of having an active sex life. The feeling of being loved and desired makes the person remain in a state of excitement and happiness. The satisfaction which the person gets boosts its mental well-being and improves the potential to interact honestly and lovingly. Moreover, men involved in regular sexual activity have lesser probability of suffering from alexithymia, which is a personality disorder backed by the inability to appreciate emotions.
  4. Improves immune system - The University of Wilkey in the United States conducted a research pertaining to abetter immune system with sex. The study concluded that men, who got involved in sex once or twice in seven days, have elevated levels of an antibody called immunoglobin A (IgA), than people who remained away from sex. This means that higher immunoglobin level will help fight cold and flu better.
  5. Calorie check - Having an active sex life helps in maintaining calorie count, as sex is one form of exercise. Indulging in sexual activities improves blood flow and leads to pumping of the heart. Although, it cannot substitute calorie burnt while running or brisk walking. But still can help you burn calories in a fun manner.
  6. Protects your cardiovascular system- Several studies have been conducted to ascertain the impact of sex on heart. The research reveals that men in faithful relationship with active sex life had longer life, as they had lower risk of strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. People who has sex minimum two times a week were able to cut down their risk of heart disease to half.
  7. Get the pain out of your life - Many studies have revealed that getting involved in sexual activity can substantially reduce headache and pains associated with joints. The reason behind the pain relief is the sexual arousal, which spark the adrenal glands to create more Cortisone, which is known to lower inflammation that roots pain in joints.
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