Advertising is an integral part in almost all businesses. It is the fuel that helps business to continue to grow and thrive despite the high competition in the global market today. In fact, everyday we all encounter tons of classified ads which cover a broad range of ads related to buying and selling of various products and services.

Today classified advertising is facing new and bigger challenges in the way technology has set new standards in the global market. Classified ads are now becoming less famous in various papers and printed platforms. Even online ads have its own challenge as they have equally shorter life span online due in part to competition. As such there is a need for advertising strategies to keep in touch with technology to optimize market revenue.

Advertising has gone a long way from printed ads and materials to the digitalized era of marketing and advertisements. Despite a lot of marketing challenges, classified advertising has continued to pave the way even in this internet of things era. They are either sold or distributed free of charge and are particularly common among newspapers, periodicals and web-based content. It allows businesses to advertise and introduce products to location-based market target. It is considered particularly cheaper than display advertising.

The role of classified advertising is now an indispensable part of growing business. Online classified advertising is specifically one example of the fast growing and effective type of advertising. Truly, classified advertising has gone through an impressive evolution from the newspaper printed ads to the digital era. It continues to adapt in the changing trends of the way people now shop and make product transactions. With the rise of the Generation Y or millennials, online classified advertising is the most convenient way to target majority of consumers in the global market today.

In the same way the popularity of the social media marketing in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the likes have also greatly impacted the rules of the game in the field of classified advertising. There are now a wide variety of classified ads which continue to appeal product users in different categories – everything from electronics, automobiles, real estates, educational facilities, household products, apparels, adult products, machineries, business and office supplies and so much more. A growing number of businesses in the global market now include online advertising on their websites to increase sales and brand popularity.

As a marketing strategy, global market leaders have developed specialized classified ad marketing in their online platform from different niches to achieve better and more targeted search capabilities.  

Classified ads are indeed important key drivers for market growth. The challenge for businesses now is on how to optimize classified advertising in order to stay ahead from the growing competition in global marketing. Study shows print advertising is rapidly declining and the growth of social media advertising is exponential. This is why businesses nowadays no longer rely in newspaper classified ads. It is therefore important, in fact mandated to stay visible online.

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