When the holidays come around then you know it’s time to take the family out of the country and on a trip somewhere in the world. You can do this by redeeming your airplane miles for a free flight somewhere and save some coins. You can also decide to go to a tropical retreat. One thing is for sure you don’t want to break the bank for that swanky rooftop party.

Here is a list of some of the cheapest travel destinations in the world.

  1. Vietnam.
    This one right here is a fan favorite. SO many people love to travel back to this amazing country.once you go to Vietnam the possibility of coming back is above 50%. You have the courtesy of going to see the post war areas where peace is now reigning.  Though it is now a peaceful country there was a time it was war torn. The influences of the French can still be felt as the croissants in this place can rival even the best in Paris. You can well survive a day here with just $20. This even includes a pitcher of the local beer at less than a dollar.
  2. Greece.
    Surprisingly travelling to Greece is not as expensive as most people would think. We don’t even have to sell you on this one. The cultural experience here is timeless. The history in the town is still in its original state in the many museums you can visit. To enjoy cheap holiday in Greece just stay in the less famous islands and visit the sites on others by taking a ferry.
  3. Dominican Republic.
    Staying here is a bit pricier but not out of reach. Eat with the locals and take the bus instead of a taxi. You can survive on $40 a day if you do it right. Sleep in a dorm room for $15 a night and get to enjoy the white sandy beach being just 3 minutes’ walk away.
  4. Honduras.
    If you want a cheap destination in South America then this is the best place for you to visit. It’s just like going to Cost Arica or Guatemala. Though it is not on the most visited list of the best destinations in the world it has a lot to offer in terms of the white beaches that are on the level of the Maldives. Get out and go to Omoa which is a Postcard worthy town. The colonial fortress on the seaside town isfun to explore. While there try the traditional food such as the Honduran bisket which is a steak sandwich.
  5. Hungary.
    The historical capital of the country Budapest is a must see if you plan on going on a European tour. You can stop by the local shops for sweet pastries. Sit down dinners will cost you less than $5. This accompanied by a view of the biggest lake in Central Europe. You can also take a hike in the hills if you want to experience a scenic view at the top.

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