Healthcare is an important subject in the U.S

Among many other reforms, healthcare happens to be one of the most debated things in the United States today. Obamacare was launched by President Obama in March 2010. Obamacare is actually the nickname for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also called Affordable Care Act (ACA) in short. This was set to be to be a major overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act amendment. However, with the new administration, there were attempts to replace it with a GOP bill.

Liberals ask for the alternatives to Obamacare while conservatives wondered why a GOP replacement is so bad. In either case, it is very clear that healthcare is something that is important. It is being debated by the lawmakers and there are many pros and cons being put forward by either side.

The implications of this bill are huge whichever way it goes, whether repealed and replaced, or even if it continues. There are many questions asked and these need to be answered satisfactorily. At the bottom of it all, is the need to ensure timely, affordable healthcare to the citizens of the United States.

Obamacare aims to do this through ensuring that the maximum people get covered by requisite insurance. Reports suggest that this led to an increase in healthcare spending while healthcare premiums went down. It is faced with certain implementation challenges and looks set for a slightly rough journey through planned completion in 2020.

Healthcare and classified Ads

There have been many suggestions on what can be done, how it can be done etc. where the overhaul of healthcare is concerned. One of the suggestions that has come up is that all healthcare providers should list their services online, with a price list mentioned for every procedure.

This can help in many ways. There are many online classified websites like that can be used for this purpose. The interesting part of this suggestion on our site is that the service is free for the healthcare providers. Whether doctors or hospitals, they can register on the website, login and post their services through appropriate classified Ads.

This way they can reach out to maximum people who are in need of the services. It helps patients to look out for listed services in their locality and choose the most suitable one. If, as suggested by a few people, the prices too can be listed, then it is all the more better. Patients seeking medical help can look through and pick the cheapest possible one. So, it does look like classified Ads may be the way to go for most healthcare providers including doctors.

A single solution

While there are many online classified websites where Ads can be posted, it is most convenient, if there can be one single platform where both the healthcare providers and the patients seeking help can collaborate. This is what helps in. It has a global business directory built in.

This is a one-off kind of online classified website, where anyone can create a login and post their listings. So, whether doctors or patients, both the parties can be a part of the same platform and connect. This makes things easier all round. The whole idea was to provide affordable healthcare. Through listings with prices, perhaps things can move in the right direction.

This can actually provide a lifeline to many, especially the American middle class. It is important to have the right to choose, especially where healthcare is concerned. With classified Ads and transparent pricing, the common American may find that they are empowered and the healthcare prices may come down. So, perhaps it is time to seriously consider options like to improve healthcare.

Innovate, apply, implement

While transparent classified listings of healthcare providers can help to a great extent, the overall objective of a health care system is to ensure a healthier population. It is said that prevention is the best cure. Hence, the American public should also be educated about preventive healthcare. All healthcare providers can contribute towards this through some educational missions. Knowledge can be shared through events, seminars, webinars, awareness drives etc. with the help of governmental as well as non-governmental agencies.

These can also be listed on, so that all the users of the platform will be aware about such events in their locality and can attend. The idea of a common platform is to generate maximum connectivity between the supply and the demand. This supply and demand is something that will have to be fueled on an ongoing basis, where healthcare is concerned. By providing a free platform to both the supply and the demand side, can play its part being a game changer in the U.S. healthcare system overhaul.

While having an access to such a platform, all that the healthcare providers need to do would be to think, innovate and implement the same. Healthcare, being an important subject, care should be taken to ensure that anything done is as per the governmental regulations. Simply put, trust and reliability play an important part in this connect between the healthcare providers and the seekers.

Not just healthcare

While checking out, it is important to understand that it is a platform that allows citizens across to access and avail the service. So, any product or service can be listed and sought by the users. It is the trust factor that plays a major role in this. The whole idea of this platform came from the need to find a single place solution where people could do buy, sell, find jobs, find partners, pets, homes, rentals and what not all.

Healthcare providers happen to be just one other important part of the listing that can certainly be the game changer. There are also many different community listings found on the website, free fundraising sites, elder care, etc. So, all in all, it can become a wholesome connector for enabling healthcare system.

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