Most Online classified ads sets features similar to an exact e-Commerce platform to enable users transact directly to their customers. This was introduced to curb the advertising challenges dealers encounter as they are limited to a few outreach.

Since 2006, E-commerce system has dominated the physical market as product consumers find the internet suitable and convenient for use.

Today, dealers have found the system as an alternative means of selling and increasing sales more than the physical market. The advantage of the E-commerce system is that it provides a massive outreach for business dealers seeking more audience.

Certainly, the e-Commerce system has created about 60% conversion of users who prefer to use the internet for shopping. This conversion increases rapidly to dominate the physical market as more users are recorded regularly

Online classified ads have contributed a lot especially in the areas of advertisement and marketing. The platform was initially introduced and developed to suit dealers in advertising products to user in need of bulk services.

The classified ad listings on several sites such as gives users the leverage to list their directories, exhibit their products and as well add product prices for customers to check through and make purchases. As a dealer’s choice, their testimonials confirm that it lessens advertising costs.

Dealers always utilized online classified ads to build their presence and promote sales online instead of establishing a new commerce system.

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