Online marketing is constantly growing and needs more efforts or strategies to keep it going. Website’s written contents are now becoming old-fashioned as many have shifted towards video type of contents. Studies revealed that advertising through videos represents 70% of all website traffic attraction and that percentage will increase to 90% by 2020.

Major platforms are focused on pushing video content on Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and other website platforms. That’s the trend anyone in the online marketing system should follow.

Video content is much easier and fun to use by internet advertising users. This can work in line with any other type of contents such as the website written contents. Users are always desperate to watch video online which is more convenient than reading articles yet many business and starters are not developing videos.

The reason is that creating website video contents is difficult as compared to other types of contents. It requires professional knowledge, equipment and techniques. You might need an actor, the filming crew, and the video editing personnel in other to achieve this. Therefore, it is more difficult to create online video contents.

Here are some actionable tips to boost your online marketing using video contents.

Package and get Ready

You really need to organize and start doing something. Although, your first video may not good be able to captivate the audience that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start it at all. The truth is that without a video marketing content, you are not in the game yet. Stop the time-wasting effort and start by producing one or more videos regardless of how the first video looks.

Use the Right Platform for your Online Exposure

There are several kinds of video platform available on the internet. Each of these platforms has unique features and kind of audience or style. Youtube as a platform is a video search engine where internet users often go to watch movies, video tutorials and trend business contents. So if you might want to consider posting on Youtube Platform, your online video contents must be highly informative to help communicate to viewers.

On the Facebook platform, the same video you post on Youtube might not perform extremely well because that’s not the reason why people are on Facebook. Facebook, people really engage with funny video contents on Facebook as they find it more entertaining to watch than going through it for learning.

Therefore, video production strategy should flow and match with the kind of platform you are about to use. If you set up the right campaign, the overall return on investment will be higher.

Show Video Contents more than just telling

The most important thing about video content is the fact it allows people to see your offer rather than telling them. With a good video, you have all right to demonstrate to viewers what they are likely to expect and buy after watching a product video.

Apart from just showing your products or services, ensure that you include in your video various supplemental footage showing your offices, headquarters, production facilities or anything else that can boost and add credibility to your business.

Your video can be a 3-dimensional (3D) video outlining the specs of your new product features to entice your viewers to patronize.

Make Promotional Videos Short

Making your video shot and straight to the point is a good video marketing strategy. Viewers are mostly impatient and that’s the reason it has to be short. According to study, human being’s span as regards to attention is narrowed down to 8 seconds. So, you might consider keeping your marketing video down to 3 minutes duration. All you have to do is to show viewers how your product works and solving their problems through your video.

Add Subtitles

 Including subtitles on your marketing video can help you spread your messages across many people. Most people like to watch videos in a silent mode and to get these messages across to them, include subtitles on your video content.

Include Calls to Action

Generally, videos are a way of attracting users to your product’s website where information is detailed. Since your video is short and simple, an interested viewer would like to see more of it and get more details about it. There is need to include a concise call-to-action which is usually added at the end of every video to direct viewers to either click on your link, subscribe or like your page.

Video content is a good strategy for online marketing, starting from website promotion, business promotion to product and services distribution.

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