Marketing is Complex

Communication edge and automated market distribution is a unique prospecting tool that allows you to share assets the way you want.

When it comes to online marketing and classified postings, it is quite difficult to merge up with competitors. Digital marketers are bogged down with abundance data that is right to make positive actions on customers.

With the use of marketing automation software, it is easier for webmasters to track important customer information and campaign data. Amongst them is using an automating email tool which makes marketing efforts highly effective. As a form of campaign, the insight is leveraged to help marketers develop profitable relationships with customers with the hope that over time, their contents will drive huge prospect.

The technology to launch deep campaigns help brands to gradually introduce effective initiatives that discovered content categories that audience segments are interested in. The fact that you can send mails to people using automation tools does not mean you will send a content that detracts their interest.

Even though email makes up a huge part of the marketing system, what matters most, is how your marketing initiatives and solution grows your database and expands your reach. Most classified ads website uses robotic methods for marketing. It is suggested that marketers should also encroach into tools that allows them to take an integrated approach to generating leads like in social media, blogging and landing pages. Platforms such as;

  • Platforms such as Angels classified ads (A free advertising classified portal) is an example platform that quite promotes its users’ content on a viral term.
  • Pardot, a platform that offers robust social features which works as a social media management platform that allows marketers schedule social postings as well gain visibility into which customer is interacting with social contents related to your market.
  • Hub-Soft software is another example tool that enables marketers to connect with prospective social media profiles via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

While using automation in marketing, professionals also should consider providing valuable and high quality contents to recipients. This way, you attract customers using interesting and engaging concepts.


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Angels Ad Contest

Angels-ad is a website which comprises of several interactive and engaging sections such as online forums, blog-posts, free advertising portal, and television station and event system.

The platform acts as an exhibition center which extends its spread in boosting all forms of activities ranging from human empowerment, lessening advertisement cost, engaging users and as well contributing immensely in appreciating them. In this bid, Angel-ad; known for its’ massive contribution in product’s promotion prepares a payback package for online users. In its interest, the platform is set to organize a contest where users can post cultural background images or write-ups to win fabulous prizes every month.

The contest is organized by refined professionals and will act as a competition amongst users. With categories in content writings and cultural pictures upload. Prizes of over a 400 hundred USD will be won at every period of the contest and its’ judgment will be decided on the number of voters which increases the chances of winning.

Points to consider

  • Chances of winning on any category depends on the number of voters generated by a user
  • The event will be a bi-monthly contest as users are given time to make necessary preparations.
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Advertising on Angel Ads can grow your business

Being a product freak is desperately imagining to have it at your reach. The power of advertising should not be overlooked because its’ audiences cannot be predicted.

Mr. John - Ucnet technologies had once said, “Advertising takes lots of time and perhaps, what impact does it create without spreading your means which cost a whole lot of money”. Though, my contribution is a letdown in his company as he employs several experienced marketers.

As a young individual walking along to understand the basics behind topping the acme in advertising, I found out that the little effort i made either by mouth-to-mouth discussion of the company’s products and contents is a million steps ahead. This taught me never to doubt the power of a communication. Yet, my least thought was to use the social media, though it wasn’t my job to start the product’s campaign but a bit of friend’s conversation walked it through. I observed since I can talk it out with friends’ on regular basis, then I can start paving ways into my online friends. This prompted me to utilize the little opportunity I got, talking to online friends exactly the way I did with my real-time ones.

With a small startup discussion, I begin to realize that clients are calling me directly either to book or make enquires. Subsequent calls threw in on regular times, leaving me with no other option than to discuss it with Mr. John. Applause was given on watching my leads grow, but the burden is how does it work? What recommendation seems workable? At this stance my challenge was to draw plan suitable for presentation. It drew to an extent where clients overgrown my expectation, accepting our services in bulk without any written down plan.

Out of excitement, my boss wants the advertising plan on ground. In a bid to encourage me, I was promoted amongst the marketing executive which was quite another great task to boost our sales. Then, I realized that consistent advertising and promotion would come in view, irrespective of the capital involve. I proceeded with a constant sharing amongst my friends on the popular social networks like facebook, twitter and other social blogs. Before I knew it, our content started doubling its’ sales and increases productivity to about 60% to meet customer’s demand. So the option of spreading my nets to other media platforms was not left out by utilizing ad platforms  such as  the free advert classified portals, Angels-ad,, and other content delivery sites.

Within four months, our production increases more than expected and my job topped higher as the head of marketing department.

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Thinking Advertising the Right Way

Before getting to facts about the ways of proper advertising, testing aptitudes like knowing the right channels which dominates the advertising space, the ads targeting information, geo-targeting promotions/ads are been considered. As a platform which grows rapidly with digital professionals responding to emerging formats, online advertising adapts to the technological trend at an incredible stand and speeds. Social media at all forms was listed high as a channel dominating every other channels; it ranges from mail marketing, forum, discussion platforms, face book promoted posts and other messaging campaigns.

Advertising business on the internet is a bit challenging but it still produces relative high outreach than other channels. Recently, email marketing as one amongst social media channels faces bigger challenges on holding users, especially mobile users’ attention. Consumers’ reading emails on mobile phones and tablets brings up new issues simply because many of them have no time to read lots of emails from campaigners, whereas making the mail strategy less intriguing. Marketers are focused with the burden of making emails relevant and timely enough to entice a customer. However the professionals on this lack the time required to learn the technicalities involved to be effective and keep the customers on board.

Fortunately, there are tools and platform resources to expose your local marketing brands to a bigger audience and below you will find the top list of solutions to make your brands produce success either through mobile messaging, free classified websites in Nigeria, U.s, etv and social media platforms;

Top Local platforms to consider while advertising and angels-ad isn’t left out;

  • – Considered as the leading marketing platform especially for e-commerce services
  • – Most widely medium but takes time and money to build up a stable outreach to customers
  • – recommended Classified listings amongst the list of resources which boost local advertising and is growing is expected to make 79% growth increase by 2018
  • – Listed among the top tools from a recent forecast by BIA


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