Angels Ad can help with online car sales.

Years ago, cars transactions had been a challenge for dealers and buyers especially when it comes to payment transactions. Either that a dealer is restricted to wider audience or that it lacks enough leverage to outreach specific buyers. As times goes, a lot of processes have paved in, bringing courage for intending dealers into the business.

In the area of business, the internet presence provides a better opportunity that promotes dealers visibility through online classified websites and business owners has capitalized on using classified websites for advert placement.

The internet leverages different ways to sell and purchase cars. It has gone to an extent where customers can trade without their physical presence. Although, before making online transactions, there are some factors to put into consideration and these factors has reduced the online marketing development to its downstream.

Payment processes can be one of these factors contributing to the sector’s growth. Although, many site portals for online classified car ads possess features that at least reduces the level of stress during payment processes by adding trusted gateway systems.

One major factor that scares online purchasers from utilizing the system is Trust. This is a key factor every business dealers considers before putting things right. For instance, you might walk through the internet for car procurement and discovers a lot of classified listings for car sales online, but choosing the right path is the difficult process. You might get confused over which site to entrust or perhaps, you quit making purchases either because there is no secured provision. The above-mentioned factors generally derail the development of classified ad listings.

Moreover, Security advice towards online procurement is to checkmate if indeed the website is a genuine portal for classified cars for sale. While choosing, verify if the website possesses enough security features. One best site to consider is the Angels-ad-pbb which examines every listing on the portal to eliminate scam.

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Advertising is described as the most expensive and difficult challenge in the world of business. With facts, it contributes to about 87% success story of a business. I remember starting a business class and the professor wouldn't stop mentioning the word 'ad'... It's probably not an option to turn off from the business environment. The chances of every business survival is minimal if advertisement is not given prior attention.

It is all at your doorstep as i give steps of growing businesses through advertisements on classified ads Networks.

So, you’ve set-up shop, opened your doors, and even welcomed your first customer. Now what? How do you make sure that you have a steady flow of customers coming in and knowing about your products? One of the most important things you can do when starting your business is getting your name out there, and the internet advertising offers a cheap medium for that.

Investing a fortune on internet advertising in every direction can be a waste of time and money. if it’s not focused on your targeted market, the doomed of your business awaits. Here are some ways to save you stress while working the internet way on Free Online classified ad Postings

  1. Get High Tech Savvy or Hire Somebody Who Is: The first thing people do when looking for a business or product, is look it up online. And, if you’re not online, you’re missing out on reaching those customers. 50 percent of consumers say they are influenced by online contents – so what are you waiting for?

  2. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date. This is the best way to showcase what you do and why you do it. Not only will you have the chance to tell your customers about your business, but you can update your products and tell people about what makes you unique. There are free, user-friendly templates available online, however you may need to watch a few online tutorials, or consider connecting to a website master. With close to 97 percent of consumers searching for businesses online, getting a product search result is important to the success of your business in the digital world. If you already have a website set up, it’s important to keep it up-to-date. Nothing is more of a turn off for a potential customer than an outdated and cluttered website.
  3. Take Advantage of free online Classified ad Listings and SEO: Sign-up for Free Online classified ads, many of them contains categories on classified Homes for Rent, Classified cars for sale and classified ads appartment. E.g of them are, and Canadian Company Capabilities. Here your business sells by the numerous backlinks, whereas making the search engine optimization rank higher in the search results.
  4. Capitalize on the Power of Social Media: Free and widely accessible are two qualities that make social networking an essential tool when it comes to advertising and promotion. The biggest step in advertising your business is learning how to capitalize on the power of digital word-of-mouth. All it takes is a click to share news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. As a small business owner you are probably limited in time and resources, so consider choosing one network that reaches your target audience and focus your efforts there. Or, you can commission the help of a marketing solutions provider that offers social media support.
  5. Utilize Free Classified Advertising Sites: Placing ads in several  Top Free Classified Sites offers a wide visibility.
  6. Network at Trade Shows: Increase your visibility by participating in trade shows, conferences and seminars relates to your line of work. Choose only those that offer maximum visibility and attract your target customers. You can also register your business with the Canadian Business Network, a federal government sponsored database that features more than 50,000 companies. Most importantly, join your local Chamber of Commerce or business association, as they offer a multitude of tools for their members.
  7. Get People Talking: It’s important to remember that it’s okay to do it the old fashioned way. Word-of-mouth is still a great way to get your business known outside of the digital realm. Talk to the people you meet about what you do and ask your customers to kindly write an objective review on your website or online listing.

The possibilities for online promotion are endless. That’s why it is so crucial to choose a program that will reach your target audience and most importantly one that suits your budget. Start off with a small advertising budget, get a feel for what works and increase speed as you learn more about your target audience’s behaviour online.

In the end, there is no perfect formula for advertising your business, but with the above steps, you’re on your way to success.

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Angel Ads latest radio commercial

Take a listen to our new radio ad.

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For Immediate Release: April 3, 2017



Angel Ads, the world’s leading classified website that facilitates businesses for an easy access and visibility in today’s global market, this past month officially launched its free, comprehensive platform for all individuals and business owners intent on harnessing international advertising capabilities for a fraction of the typical advertising cost.

Borne from a passion for helping businesses to skirt around the astronomically high advertising costs with traditional media today, Angel Ads makes it possible by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to post unlimited ads, both locally and internationally, for absolutely free.

“The cost of advertising through television, radio, newspapers, and tabloids today is so high, it’s virtually impossible for most hard-working businesses,” said Paul Obika, Founder and Owner of Angel Ads. “It makes advertising almost inaccessible to small businesses and private individuals, which in turn, contributes to the business failure down the line. The power of the worldwide web provides an incredible opportunity to overcoming these costs, and that’s exactly what we aim to offer on Angel Ads.”

Angel Ads harnesses the unlimited abilities of the Internet to cut advertising costs for members of the community. Site members have access to free classified ads for used cars, bikes, properties, rentals, computers, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, sound systems, services, furniture, home appliances, games, tools, books, spare parts and all accessories, pets, kitchen stuff, musical instruments, to miscellaneous stuff, both for sale and for giveaway.

Additionally, the site offers specific premium services, for which a small fee is included. These premium listings include features advertisements and homepage advertising.

“We understand the competition is stiff online today, which is why we’re developing an all-encompassing platform that will satisfy any kind of classified advertisement requirement,” said Paul Obika. “We even offer direct, homepage advertising for the businesses intent on getting immediate exposure.”

Businesses who opt for the free advertising option get the top spots in their respective category search listings and are automatically reposted daily over the slot period. For those interested in the homepage advertising, they have three categories to choose from: the Banner Advertisement, which appears at the top of all of the site’s web pages; the Side Advertisement, which appears on the left or right sides of the homepage and most of the web pages; or the Big Advertisement, which appears in the center of the homepage and most of the web pages. Prices will vary depending on the period of the advertisement, as well as the type of advertisement selected.

“We offer a variety of small-fee website features for any type of business requirement, industry, and advertising agenda,” said Paul Obika. “We want all of our site members to have the world at their fingertips through our classified digital website today.”

By using the free feature on Angel Ads, businesses will be able to test trial-and-error ads out one after another, analyzing which ones work best and why. They can then dump the ones that aren’t performing, and create new ads at the same time to try and beat the ones that are working. Before long, after testing out different strategies, businesses will hit their advertising mark and watch their sales triple overnight.

Additionally, Angel Ads lets businesses add their business to the Angel Ads Business Directory for maximum exposure and visibility. By being part of the directory, businesses will experience improved search engine rankings.

“Global directories are a valuable way to improve SEO while gaining invaluable international exposure,” Paul Obika. “We even have discussion forums for helping businesses owners to make decisions, as well as informational blogs that answer any advertising related question.”

Angel Ads wants users to feel relaxed, too, and offers Angels/TV for fun movies as well as an eBooks section that is internationally unmatched.

To get started today and make a free account, visit: Angels Ad


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Angels Ad is a Secure Site

Business has gone global since the emergence of internet system which takes it closer to people’s reach. Millions of dealers and consumers go viral online in search of products to buy and sell, expecting a trusted delivery of their services. PayPal and other numerous payment systems provide such service, a secure payment platform where business dealers can make payment for a purchased or sold items. A huge number of online customers prefers to make purchases using online classified ads sites which make it convenient on a transaction.

Underdeveloped countries like Africa still faces the challenge of online goods procurement coupled with the restrictions mapped on some countries like Nigeria where users are insupportable to make registration. Thus, online purchases in some African countries are quite difficult as there’s no available payment service around. Another challenging factor facing the sustainability of the Classified ad system is the security in transactions. Of course, not all free online classified ads provides the security features as many of them are prone to unverified registrants who utilizes the opportunity to scam consumers. is one amongst other Global Free Classified sites which ensure a maximum provision of security features that verifies user posting ads online. In other to curb the challenge facing under-developed countries, Angels-ad-pbb extends its features to enable users within those places to register, make postings and allow customers to connect directly with close dealers. One most important feature about Angels-ad-pbb; a free Online Classified ads is that it ensures accurate verification of users (dealers) posting online. Many consumers have testified their successful transactions, especially in Nigeria and India. It is advisable to go with Angels-ad-pbb because of its tenable security features.

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