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For Immediate Release: April 3, 2017



Angel Ads, the world’s leading classified website that facilitates businesses for an easy access and visibility in today’s global market, this past month officially launched its free, comprehensive platform for all individuals and business owners intent on harnessing international advertising capabilities for a fraction of the typical advertising cost.

Borne from a passion for helping businesses to skirt around the astronomically high advertising costs with traditional media today, Angel Ads makes it possible by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to post unlimited ads, both locally and internationally, for absolutely free.

“The cost of advertising through television, radio, newspapers, and tabloids today is so high, it’s virtually impossible for most hard-working businesses,” said Paul Obika, Founder and Owner of Angel Ads. “It makes advertising almost inaccessible to small businesses and private individuals, which in turn, contributes to the business failure down the line. The power of the worldwide web provides an incredible opportunity to overcoming these costs, and that’s exactly what we aim to offer on Angel Ads.”

Angel Ads harnesses the unlimited abilities of the Internet to cut advertising costs for members of the community. Site members have access to free classified ads for used cars, bikes, properties, rentals, computers, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, sound systems, services, furniture, home appliances, games, tools, books, spare parts and all accessories, pets, kitchen stuff, musical instruments, to miscellaneous stuff, both for sale and for giveaway.

Additionally, the site offers specific premium services, for which a small fee is included. These premium listings include features advertisements and homepage advertising.

“We understand the competition is stiff online today, which is why we’re developing an all-encompassing platform that will satisfy any kind of classified advertisement requirement,” said Paul Obika. “We even offer direct, homepage advertising for the businesses intent on getting immediate exposure.”

Businesses who opt for the free advertising option get the top spots in their respective category search listings and are automatically reposted daily over the slot period. For those interested in the homepage advertising, they have three categories to choose from: the Banner Advertisement, which appears at the top of all of the site’s web pages; the Side Advertisement, which appears on the left or right sides of the homepage and most of the web pages; or the Big Advertisement, which appears in the center of the homepage and most of the web pages. Prices will vary depending on the period of the advertisement, as well as the type of advertisement selected.

“We offer a variety of small-fee website features for any type of business requirement, industry, and advertising agenda,” said Paul Obika. “We want all of our site members to have the world at their fingertips through our classified digital website today.”

By using the free feature on Angel Ads, businesses will be able to test trial-and-error ads out one after another, analyzing which ones work best and why. They can then dump the ones that aren’t performing, and create new ads at the same time to try and beat the ones that are working. Before long, after testing out different strategies, businesses will hit their advertising mark and watch their sales triple overnight.

Additionally, Angel Ads lets businesses add their business to the Angel Ads Business Directory for maximum exposure and visibility. By being part of the directory, businesses will experience improved search engine rankings.

“Global directories are a valuable way to improve SEO while gaining invaluable international exposure,” Paul Obika. “We even have discussion forums for helping businesses owners to make decisions, as well as informational blogs that answer any advertising related question.”

Angel Ads wants users to feel relaxed, too, and offers Angels/TV for fun movies as well as an eBooks section that is internationally unmatched.

To get started today and make a free account, visit: Angels Ad


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Angels Ad is a Secure Site

Business has gone global since the emergence of internet system which takes it closer to people’s reach. Millions of dealers and consumers go viral online in search of products to buy and sell, expecting a trusted delivery of their services. PayPal and other numerous payment systems provide such service, a secure payment platform where business dealers can make payment for a purchased or sold items. A huge number of online customers prefers to make purchases using online classified ads sites which make it convenient on a transaction.

Underdeveloped countries like Africa still faces the challenge of online goods procurement coupled with the restrictions mapped on some countries like Nigeria where users are insupportable to make registration. Thus, online purchases in some African countries are quite difficult as there’s no available payment service around. Another challenging factor facing the sustainability of the Classified ad system is the security in transactions. Of course, not all free online classified ads provides the security features as many of them are prone to unverified registrants who utilizes the opportunity to scam consumers. is one amongst other Global Free Classified sites which ensure a maximum provision of security features that verifies user posting ads online. In other to curb the challenge facing under-developed countries, Angels-ad-pbb extends its features to enable users within those places to register, make postings and allow customers to connect directly with close dealers. One most important feature about Angels-ad-pbb; a free Online Classified ads is that it ensures accurate verification of users (dealers) posting online. Many consumers have testified their successful transactions, especially in Nigeria and India. It is advisable to go with Angels-ad-pbb because of its tenable security features.

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Adolescents all over the United States have felt the impact of the downturn

Impact of industrial decline on youth employment

Young adolescents all over the United States has felt the impact of the slow economic improvement from the industrial decline of the late 2000’s. Over the past couple of years, youth employment has increased considerably across the state. As for the minority of teenagers, it’s gotten far worse. Statistics conducted in July of 2013 showed that unemployment for black and Hispanic youth has increased by 30 percent.

The benefits of employment for youth

Just about all young adolescents (98.6%) have been employed and have maintained a job in between the ages of 18-25. Some adolescents work part time while others look for full-time employment seeking independence. Employment benefits teenagers for many reasons which include the following:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Time management
  3. Order
  4. Useful working habits
  5. Experience
  6. Financial independence

The impact of employment for students that want to drop out of school

Predominantly for high school students, there must be a transformation as middle class and minority teenagers experience an employment rate of one in ten. A progressive labor force and employment options has an important impact on young adolescents towards continuing their career plans and helps lessen the unemployment rate. Even for students who are at a higher risk of discontinuing their education, much less their career goals, being employed even for the summertime has been shown to lessen the chances of them dropping out of school.

Young adolescents who have more employment prospects and have had support from both a professional and a mentor early on in their lives are more capable of meeting the requirements of the ongoing workforce than if they had gone in mid-level or professional background later in their career paths. Research and actual situations, as well as experiences, have shown time and time again that having experience at an early age in the workforce brings more benefits later in life.

Employment for young adolescent decreases the rate of dropouts

Studies have also shown that summer jobs, as well as employment programs, decrease high school dropout rates which are particularly significant for Jersey City where there is a diversity in cultural and economic youth students. An example of this is Hispanic, Black and middle-class students are most likely to become drop outs and prolong to graduate than their fellow classmates. It has also been proven that young adolescents apart from remaining in school due to having a summer job have also scored higher in tests than students that worked off and on during the summer vacations. There is no doubt that summer employment for students can be life altering, specifically for adverse students.

Currently, employment for adolescents is very bleak and one of the reasons is high unemployment rates. Unemployment rates among adults is approximately 14%, teenagers are competing with adults for a position so the odds of them getting the job over an adult are minimal. Teenagers lack experience and adults already come with it.

What youth encounters when seeking employment

Currently, due to the not so long ago economic downfall, acquiring employment and maintaining a job has become a difficult task for all of us including young adolescents. Specific populations such as adolescents who have been through the juvenile system, foster care, pregnant, homeless, disabled, or have dropped out of high school should go through even more trials than others when it comes to obtaining employment. These youth tackle many more obstacles for employment such as transportation, documentation, support, and childcare. They might have a short-lived way of life or might be trying to conquer a psychological illness, drug abuse, former felonies, or might even have a juvenile record. Despite the challenges that youth have gone through, most have had a job by the time they are 25 years old.

What employers look for in an employee

Some of the experiences and training that most employers look for are soft skills. Soft skills are a person’s individual traits, assets, and characteristics. Some of these would include time management skills (using your time wisely and efficiently) and interpersonal skills (having the ability to know, understand, and control your emotions). Other skills include basic skills such as reading, writing, math, and computer skills. Thinking skills like critical, creative and problem-solving skills. Personal qualities are also essential for employers, these include professionalism in the work place, responsibilities, integrity, etc.

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We work relentlessly to provide 100% user engagement

Today’s evolution of the internet system has gathered minds around the world especially with its ability to communicate people from afar. The system broad intervention has eradicated several other communication systems and millions of users have migrated to the internet world, whereas prospecting to see more innovative or engaging impact.

One way the internet commits it users is by creating interactive tools capable of engaging them. Angels Ad is one of the best top free classified site that exhibit series of tools to spice up the boring state of users using Online Classifieds services for marketing.

The website (i.e. is known for the uncommon ability to provide interactive channels such as the discussion and forum group which publishes good content from screened users. The categories under this section vary from political, sports, News, cooking, lifestyle and education discussions. Also, the platform goes on to distinguish itself from other Online Classified Ads by providing educational and motivational resources to help young entrepreneurs.

As a Free Classified Advertising Sites, the platform gives advertisers a maximum leverage which many attest to had contributed on huge market sale and productivity. Most marketers prefer to use it for content promotion, e-Commerce boosting and building customer social relationship. This observations has led us to develop sophisticated packages like the Video streaming (Angels-ad TV) which was implemented to highly commit site visitors to keep coming back. More so, our team of professional developers is working relentlessly to provide suitable environment for user satisfaction.

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