The Angels Ad Directory Can Take The Place Of Your Old Phone Directory

When you are looking for a local business it can be very time consuming and you may find that half the day is gone before you find the number of a company you need. Why waste half the day searching when that precious time could be used doing the work?

Here at, you can find what it is you are looking for in no time. Simply click on the directory option. To make this easier for their customers, angel ads have made it simple by adding an alphabetical letter chart so all you need to do is click the letter you need and it will bring you a step closer to the business company you need.

If you would like to post your own business for everyone else to see then just simply sign up to use the free service, yes it is all free to use. It takes only a couple of minutes to complete the signing up process. You will then receive a confirmation email and your account will be up and running ready to use right from the off. This is an important step to pass because without an account you cannot post any ads or respond to any posts.

Angel ads first announced their free service on their website and stated it is there to help give something back to their loyal customers. If your listing is approved the company will assume you have read and agreed to obey by their terms and conditions which can be found on their website, this is important, you must read through all the small print to be secure when using the website to post ads.

Some terms and conditions.

To give you a feel of what is expected here are some terms and conditions.

  • Modification and deleting - Angel Ads has every right to edit or delete any content that may enter their website and they do not have to notify anyone before they do.
  • Limits - If you suffer damages from using Angels Ads website they do not take any responsibility and it is out of there hands.
  • Third-party products - Its buyer beware. do your due diligence because Angels Ad is not responsible for any interactions you have with third-party companies.

These are just a guideline, please read through every last detail of the Angel Ads terms and conditions until you are fully aware of the ins and outs. By doing this you will have a more knowledge of the website and how to follow the rules when posting your own ads. quoteshil

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Game Review of "Color Tease" at

Playing video games is fun and children can play them endlessly without tiring. While too much of it can be detrimental to health, playing video games like Color Tease can actually benefit them.  Video games, especially the timed ones, can enhance timing skills and matching games can help to coordinate mind and hand motions. Learning to use the controls of the device they use to play games is another reason why video games should not be discouraged completely.

Color Tease is a free HTML5 game that can be played online using browsers like Safari and chrome. The advantage of being a HTML5 game is that it doesn’t require any extra plugin or software in order to run. The game can be played on Android devices, iPhones and iPads, and on Samsung and Window phones.

It’s essentially a skill game that tests your mental prowess and is stated to be a complete multi-platform 2D game that’s ready to publish. For those who like color score matching games, Color Tease is ideal. It’s slightly different from the other games in the same category, which usually involves only one color pallet to match with falling colors.

Color Tease is a little more challenging as you have to switch between two color wheels to match the falling colors. This requires you to be very fast while touching the right and left wheels so that they match the colors of the falling balls.

As you have to do things at the same time, you need to be focused, think fast and act fast. There are two color wheels at the bottom of the play area and the aim of the game is to match the falling colors with that of the wheels at the bottom. For every right touch, you score points and go ahead.

Although the task seems pretty easy, it’s sometimes very tricky to get the colors in the right places. It’s an ideal game to play when you’re bored and want a break from the routine. Playing this game will do two things to you- it will speed up your reflexes and chase away your boredom.

It’s an interesting and very addictive game and will have kids hooked on to it in no time. It’s all a question of how fast you can react and how fast you can move between the two wheels and two falling orbs. The balls will go through the ring only when the colors of the ring and wheel match and then you win points. By clicking the mouse you can change the color of the wheel. The faster you think, the faster you can change the colors.

This online skill game appears to be gathering momentum and you can play it for free at many sites. Since it supports almost all major operating systems, it’s a great game for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Color Tease does tease the brain and makes it work faster- firing up neurons and relaying messages faster. This really challenges your powers of co-ordination and thinking and acting quickly and simultaneously.

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You'll Be Amazed With The People You Meet On The Angels Ad Forums

If you have a question you need to be answered or a topic which you want to discuss there is no better place than a forum.  You will find many people, upon thousands willing to discuss your topic with you, or have the same issue you do and want the answers your seeking.

People use forums every day, they seem to be getting more popular by the minute.

Here at, you will find a fantastic forum which users use to discuss matters, share experiences and answer questions.

To use this completely free feature all you need to do is sing up through angel ads website which is quick and easy, it will not ask for any payments from you. After the sign up has been confirmed you will be able to use the forum to post a topic and also engage with others and answer their topics.

The topics which were posted recently will be found at the top and the more you go down you will reach the more backdated topics, you can still write on these and have your input posted.

You will also see the poster for example ‘industrious’ posted a topic 1 day ago. This is how it will appear to you and also how yours will appear to others. Upon signing up for your free account you will be asked to provide a username, this is the name everyone will see on your profile. This is why it is important to never use any personal details and use a name that is unique to yourself like a nickname. 

The forum comes in category forms, you will post your topic in one of these, which one depends on what category your subject is linked to so for example if you were to write about bicycles you would post this in the cycling category. Here is a list to familiarize yourself with them.

  • Suggestion box
  • Boats
  • Celebrities
  • Computing
  • Cycling
  • Cooking
  • Death
  • Films
  • Gaming
  • Gardening
  • Fitness
  • Jobs
  • Marriage
  • MLM
  • Money
  • Motorcycles
  • Music
  • Parenting
  • Pets
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Professional
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Vehicle
  • Wine
  • Writing
  • Everything else

At the side of every category, you will see in brackets the number of topics raised. If you are wanting to find any information on a particular category but you do not know what to write, try searching in that category, you never know someone else may have already answered the same question or discussed the same topic.

Before signing up and replying or posting on any topic please read up and make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions put in place by angel ads. This will save you from future confusion or co***ict when using the website.

You can add as many comments as you like and posts, this is, of course, making sure that they are all kept on topic and posted in the correct category. These steps can be followed simply by selecting the correct area when you post your add. If you make a mistake do not worry, angel ads will allow you to amend it.

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Frugal Living  Tips And Ideas On How And Where To Save

When you decide to start living a frugal lifestyle then you are willing to do anything to ensure you save the last coin. You do not have to wait until you have a lot of money in order to save some cash. The kids will soon be grown and in need of a college tuition, your lease might be up at the end of the year and you need money to renew it. These are just a few examples of situations where being frugal can pay off in the long-term. Well, we felt the need to come up with a guide on how you can save money for a frugal lifestyle.

  • Know your money. The reason most people fail at saving is because they do not know how much they actually earn or bring in at the end of the month. If you do not know how much is coming in and going out then you cannot save. Create a simple chart every month of all the bills and expenses you have then compare that with the amount of money you have coming in and decide where to cut back.
  • Automate your money. If you have a stable job then you can automate some of the major bills. Things such as mortgage can be cut directly from your paycheck. This way you do not have to worry about using up the money and forgetting about making a payment since the money is gone before you touch it.
  • Use coupons. Whenever you go shopping and you have the chance to use a coupon do it! This saves on a lot of money used to buy unnecessary things. If you are working with coupons you can only buy what they offer.
  • Know the difference between spending and investing. One thing most people do not know how to separate is spending from investing. If you are a sales person and you buy a new car with your money to broaden the places where you can sell your products then that is an investment. If you buy the same car just because you no longer want to ride the bus then that is spending.
  • Go for quality. Sometimes being frugal does not mean that you will have to buy the cheapest item in the store. Sometimes it just means you should go for quality over quantity. Buying yourself a pair of good high quality jeans at a higher price is better than 5 pairs on sale that will tear as soon as the go in the washer.
  • Get rid of TV. Instead of paying for cable why not get a cheaper alternative such as Hulu or Netflix which also have great shows you can watch. These can cost you about $50-60 dollars which is way cheaper than paying for cable.
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Dietary Treatment for PMS

Studies have shown that PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) affects nearly 15-20 percent of women and many of them suffer so much that their daily routines are drastically affected. Pain killers and hormonal treatments do bring relief, but these are not without side effects. Having to endure that on top of already feeling tired, cramped and irritable isn’t the best of scenarios.

  1. Eat and drink healthy
    So, is there a way out? Research says there is- “.... In terms of fighting cramps and PMS 80 percent of it is nutrition......” Apparently nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits, low sugar foods are healthy options that keep cramps at bay. A diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D is believed to lower the risk of developing PMS. Low-fat yogurt and milk, fortified orange juice are good options. The fact that dairy has pro-thyroid and pro-progesterone properties and plays a role in metabolic hormone homeostasis thwarts PMS.   
  2. Pumpkin Seeds & cashews
    According to studies, magnesium levels are low during PMS. Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc and magnesium- together they not only reduce water retention but also help ward off anxiety, depression and fight i***ammation. Cashews, Brazil nuts, almonds, and pine nuts are rich sources of magnesium too, and help in countering PMS.
  3. Salmon
    Salmon is high in o***-3, as are walnuts and flaxseeds- the anti-i***ammatory factor that helps women counter pain and cramps due to PMS.
  4. Fruits and vegetables
    Bananas are rich in potassium, which relieves tension and depression; it contains B6 that helps convert tryptophan into serotonin, which soothes the nervous system. It also has melatonin, which helps fight fatigue, associated with PMS, and aids sleep. Avocados, rich in protein, Vitamin K, different kinds of Vitamin B and oleic acid are effective in treating PMS. Similarly green, leafy vegetable are high in magnesium, calcium, potassium and other nutrients that help alleviate PMS symptoms. Celery, parsley, dill leaves do chip and do their bit.
  5. Chamomile and ginger tea
    PMS has been known to be sleep disruptive, leading to anxiety and insomnia. Chamomile tea helps combat anxiety symptoms, while ginger tea eases abdominal cramping. It also reduces pain as effectively as drugs do.
  6. Dark Chocolate
    PMS increases stress and hence ups cortisol levels. This tends to block progesterone from reaching its receptors, which further aggravates stress levels. Dark chocolate contains a large amount of tryptophan and a mood-elevating compound called theobromine. It can satisfy chocolate cravings without being harmful as its low in sugar. Dark chocolate can do wonders to those who feel depressed and anxious.

You need to drink lots of water too when the body feels cramped and bloated. Eat your quota of vegetables and fruits, get those vital elements in, drink healthy and you can probably ward off the undesirable effects of PMS.

Needless to say, you can carry on your daily routine without the discomfort and cramping that PMS inevitably brings in its wake.

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